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Weight loss? Healthy lifestyle changes? Self Love? A Hand to support & guide you? Release that inner (sinister) sister voice that keeps you feeling guilty, ashamed, blamed, embarrassed, scared, resentful, angry, stuck in doubt or fear. PS: I know “her” all to well, but I’ve learned how to tame her and will show you how too!

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Recharge Your Soul. I am so grateful and blessed to connect our journey’s together! Whatever brought you here, rest assured, I have helped thousands of people just like you reset their body, mindset and hack healthy lifelong habits so they can heal and THRIVE… with ease and confidence! I learned first-hand on myself, starting my personal health advocacy at age 18, and overcame three life-long congenital health challenges and diseases —Asthmatic bronchitis, chronic pain caused by degenerative disc disease and a multitude of gut and digestive disorders. (read more)


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55 Years old. Mom, Health & Life Content Speaker, Coach, Lifestyle Transformer, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Author. Iam beyond thrilled to join our journey’s together, invite you into our incredible CLUB (try it free) and share strategies on not just how to lose weight for good, but advocate your healthiest and happiest life… ever!!~ Namaste, Becca

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Becca, in 2 days you did what doctors could not do in 10 years! I feel like a new person!! I am amazed and I BELIEVE!

Harriet Jodi Levin

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