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What are you seeking?

Weight loss? Healthy lifestyle changes? Self Love? A Hand to support & guide you? Release that inner (sinister) sister voice that keeps you feeling guilty, ashamed, blamed, embarrassed, scared, resentful, angry, stuck in doubt or fear. PS: I know “her” all too well, but I’ve learned how to tame her and Iam here to show you how too! Go from feeling invisible to invisble!

Are You Tired Of Feeling The Way You Feel?

Recharge Your Soul. I have been helping women go from invisible to invincible, feeling both strong on the inside & looking strong on the outside. I’ll help you move that stinkin’ inner “garbage” to the curb while curbing your old habits & forming new healthy ones using my successful 17 Minute Method.

I am so grateful and blessed to connect our journeys together! Whatever brought you here, rest assured, I have helped thousands of women, just like you RESET THEIR BODY & MINDSET, and hack healthy lifelong habits so they can heal and THRIVE… with ease and confidence! . (read more)

The Answer to Your COVID_19 Staycation

POWHER 17 TRIBE. Whenever there is a  “riff” in my life, a generally become “curious” on how to turn it into a positive. For me, that means turning to God. So when this “COVID- thing” spun into my life (all of our lives), I knew I needed to step up and use my platform of Health & Fitness to create a win-win situation for a population of women who needed to feel better about themselves and now had resources (time and desire) and women who are courageously stepping out of daunting home situations of abuse.  I provide the POWHER 17 Min Workout, exclusive challenges, guidance on transitioning to healthier eating habits, coipled with support and accountability coaching within our private tribe. #UBUNTU


Meet Becca

Your, not-so-typical, 57-year-old Mom, who had turned her own health quest into her life’s mission. Born with 3 congenital diseases, A 19 I decided I had to learn how to heal my inflamed and chronically ill body. Now, almost 4 decades later, Iam an International, Health & Life Content Speaker, Coach, Lifestyle Transformer. I started as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor in college. My curiosity for living a healthy life continues (daily) and in 2012 I received a Holistic Health Certification mainly for myself and to help my children. Nearly a decade later, I have shown people, how to become their own health advocates and employ holistic and ayurvedic methods to heal themselves.

Iam the creator of THE 17 MINUTE WORKOUT™ and powHERbands™️ Training System.

So blessed to join our journey’s together and looking forward to meeting you. 

Love, peace and health in this world.  




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Becca, in 2 days you did what doctors could not do in 10 years! I feel like a new person!! I am amazed and I BELIEVE!

Harriet Jodi Levin

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