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with the powHERbands Resistance Training System



√ Love Your Body
√ Learn Simple Clean Yummy Eating
√ Ditch Dieting & Deprivation Forever


Starts June - Ends Aug 4th

More than just a workout.
It's a community and lifestyle.


Resistance training has been proven to speed your metabolism which helps burn your fat faster. Research is now leaning more towards resistance training for efficient and effective weight loss long term. Leaving you more Sculpted & Toned!


Exercise causes the body to release endorphins and increase oxygen and nutrients to your tissues that helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your heart and lung health improves, you have more energy to tackle those daily chores. As well unlimited benefits of improved sleep, a stabilize mood and decompression of your mind.


Improved strength builds lean muscle that is proven to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Our certified and expert coaches that have decades of experience will support you to your goals. If you’ve been wanting to lose fat, boost your energy and sculpt and tone but have been telling yourself you just don’t have the time, today is the day that all Changes!

Women Over 50 Are Sizzling Fat and Sculpting Lean Muscle with Resistance Bands by powHERbands™️


This is THE PLAYGROUND for women (and men) IN THEIR 40’S, 50’S 60’S AND BEYOND who have been looking for the best workout to burn fat and build strong, lean muscle,  feel more confident in their body, learn the ease of Food Freedom with fast meal prep — in one place!  

Here is your expert fitness and lifestyle program plus a supportive community. 

It’s time for your transformation … your sacred R.E.S.E.T. <click>

Are you ready to be part of the Reset Revolution? 

Reset Revolution Membership

Change your body, 17 minutes at a time

 Ready for a stronger, more toned, more confident you in just 8 weeks?  The Reset Revolution was created to give you the tools you need for weight and fat loss, stronger bones, better posture and balance, the guidance you need to make healthy food choices and meals, and the support you need to stay on track with it all.  A new you in 8 short weeks is totally possible. It’s real, it’s radical, it’s a RESET REVOLUTION. 

Click here for more information about the 17 Minute Reset Revolution Workout Method

This SYSTEM will put an end to your confusion of WEIGHT LOSS after 40.

You’re an original, a one-of-a kind wonder, a marvel of the universe who is determined to make a difference, not only for others, but for yourself! 


But you’re not alone when it comes to struggling to redesign your body and regain your energy and mojo during and after menopause.


I experienced the same feelings — and I researched and found solutions, which I share INSIDE with all of the members of RESET! 


Strength is as much inside as it is outside.


Grab my hand. Get coaching, support and accountability so you feel confident, strong and healthy.

The R.E.S.E.T. Mindset and Philosophy

Silence the [S]inner voice once and for all

Get off the shame, blame, resentment train! Sure, there will be times when you feel guilty, embarrassed, scared, angry or stuck in doubt or fear. Although this may have been your normal, when you use my proven system — everything changes. You are not alone in feeling this way; just ask women in this community. This is YOUR time to rise to your BEAUTY. Learn my secret to getting unstuck and becoming unstoppable.

Nutrition and Food Prep

Get leaner, eat cleaner

We are more than bands. Whether it’s weight loss, getting rid of belly fat, lost inches, overall toning and firming or you want it all, the food you choose to put in your body is the starting point for looking good and true health.  When it comes to nutrition, bouncing around from program to program leaves you confused, overwhelmed, and worst of all, wreaks havoc on your health and fitness goals.  Learn how to save time and money creating delicious food and make better nutrition choices that will give you more energy, stop your food cravings and eliminate emotional eating.  Go from feeling frustrated to fabulous with your new leaner and cleaner lifestyle.

Meet Becca

Why do I choose to work with women 40 and over?


Great question. Life and “stuff” is so different for women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Now, 58 I personally noticed changes in my skin, body and emotional well-being in my late 40s to mid 50s. 


My cup that runneth over, spilled out wildly in my mid 40s and I told God I was ready to go home. Everything changed. 


Read about my climb back and how I have helped thousands of women find their BEAUTY CAPE too! 


PS: I created this online community to address the lifestyle needs, particularly of women going through transition in life or ready to transform from the inside out, using proven science-backed programs that provide results.


What Our Members Say About Reset Revolution.

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