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I am so blessed we are here together joining our Journeys!

It is my passion to shower you with unconditional, guided love, science-based  tools to help you achieve the life you were created to have  or guide you to what may be your greatest discovery of all — your purpose! Don’t worry, together we will find it. It is my intention to make a profound difference in your life. You may wish to release weight that you SEE, however, the weight you FEEL (on your shoulders & deep in your gut) is one of the greatest releases of them all. Together, we’ll get you back on track to a thriving life, igniting your mojo — where you are feeling better, looking better and ENJOYING YOUR LIFe360° – I Promise!!! #OneBIGHealthyHappyLife

Do relate to any of these?

  • Are you still carrying “baby weight” even though your “baby” has graduation from High School?
  • Do you wonder if there’s a more natural way to address your asthma, chronic fatigue, achy joints, bodily pain or chronic migraines?
  • Do you look in the mirror and wonder, “Who am I” or “What am I here for?” Feeling you are “wasting” your life?
  • When you look in the mirror do you feel empty? When you lay down at night, do you feel lonely, alone, unfulfilled?
  • Do you despise Monday’s and going to work?
  • Do you despise the people in your life of challenges you are having with them?
  • Do you have regrets?

I get that. Been there. Explored those thoughts too… read my story  and connect. Diva, I got your back (butt and arms too!)

Igniting health, happiness and your soul-inspired successful life,


Becca Tebon