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We Are All Statistics! What Percent Are YOU?

Life is funny. We Are All Statistics! What Percent Are YOU.  Think about it. Everything is classified, organized (or NOT!) and filed into some type of category. This is true for what we want to achieve as well. Our goals, specifically New Year’s Resolutions have been pinned down to a science.  Depending on our achievement to attain these goals or not achieve these goals. I find it rather interesting. Which of the top 10 New Years Resolutions did you have in mind to conquer this year? Iam sure you created a wish list with all intentions of HITTING them this year, even if last year you fell a tad short! Me too! We don’t go into something thinking we are going to fall short

… or do we? Check this out!


You might be surprised at the statistics that show 45% of us actually make New Years Resolutions. Hey, if you made them and didn’t achieve them give yourself a pat on the back, because you are 10 times more likely to achievement than those who never even attempt to create a goal. So good for you. BUT….. stop the back pat, you are amongst the 73% who made them and didn’t obtain your goal. Do you know WHY YOU DIDN’T SUCCEED? Do you know why 8% consistently achieve their goals?

 Have heart though, people who actually make them are more likely to commit to their changes than those who just “try and change.”

Here are the Top TEN New Years Resolutions?

Rank Top 10 New Years resolutions for 2015
Lose Weight
Getting Organized
Spend Less, Save More
Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Staying Fit and Healthy
Learn Something Exciting
Quit Smoking
Help Others in Their Dreams
Fall in Love
Spend More Time with Family

Did you make the same commitment to yourself last year to lose weight, stop smoking, get organized or spend time with family? I want you to stop harboring on the aspect that you didn’t stay on it this year. Iam here to help you pick up the pieces and add SIMPLE, EFFECT SCIENCE-BASED STRATEGIES that help my clients  to achieve their goals. And if you are SERIOUS about wanting a healthier, happier, better looking and feeling body and want to get started, sign up for my 30 DAY SPRING INTO ACTION online group. It’s the easiest way to get started and provides group accountability with a special page on Facebook, weekly tele seminar coaching, recipe book and FUN workouts. If you are wanting to go deep and feel laser-focused, than you’ll want one of the 10 spots in my next 9 WEEK SEXY & STRONG MAKE-OVER!

This program contains everything you need:

  1. FOCUS ON YOU! We to dive into your health, 1-on-1 during your initial 75 minute consultation, who you are and where your challenges are so we can address them directly and get the ball rolling.  We Are All Statistics! What Percent Are YOU
  2. YOUR  PERSONALIZED PLAN. This is where we prioritize your goals and pinpoint exactly what’s most important to you
    1. Oversized Lunch Tote
    2. Color-coded food containers that correlate with food groups & serving sizes so you’ll eat the right foods and the right portions at the right time.
    3. Ice blocks
    4. Weekly Packets filled with content pertinent to that week.
    5. 100% of your Vitamins, Minerals & Essential BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) — 1 month supply
    6. Protein Shake — 1 month supply
    7. Detox Teas — 1 month supply
    8. Metabolic Booster (if needed) — 1 month supply
    9. Recipes: FIT Fresh Fun Fast Recipe Booklet, Entrees, Snacks, Soups, Treats, Smoothies & Juices
    10. 3-Ring Binder. Gain simplicity & clarity by organize your goals and focus on exactly what’s most important to you and your weekly plan.
  4. PLAN FOR THE NEW YOU: GPS! Your “Guide to Personal Success” is achieved through tools. And you will create your personal “GPS Step-by-Step Tactical Guidebook”
    1. Weekly group sessions (9 Total Sessions – 60-75 minutes each)
    2. Unlimited email support
    3. Bi-weekly coaching sessions (4 Total Sessions – 25-60 minutes; customized to meet your schedule and support needs)
    4. Peer accountability partner to keep you focused and inspired. We Are All Statistics! What Percent Are YOU
  6. WEEKLY, EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, FUN & F.I.T.  “17-Minute Metabolic Workout” with me. (Recorded so you can do all week long)
  7. PEER ACCOUNTABILITY: Peer accountability offers a natural support system to encourage one another in pursuing development plans, goals, and associated action items. This shared experience enhances camaraderie—  participants realize that the challenges they face are not as unique as they may have previously believed, and they leverage the experience and insights of others to solve challenges. They also are able to learn from the practical knowledge of others—thus multiplying their own application of the information. This multiplied learning typically extends beyond the formal coaching meetings and gives participants greater confidence to make  decisions and move forward. We Are All Statistics! What Percent Are YOU
  8. RETREAT: A retreat to soak up all that you have gained. A time to Receive, Renew, Restore & Recharge
  9. BEST PART! You can retake at any time … again and again within the year and pay only for your personal coaching sessions & retreat and you will receive all updates to course curriculum FREE when you retake the course.

Either way, there’s nothing to lose — except some baggage that you keep taking around with you. Get a better relationship with food and yourself. Lower your blood pressure. Say goodbye to diabetic medication. Release inflammation and toxins from your environment. Let’s unlock the storage units and give it away!  Schedule your complimentary HEALTH ASSESSMENT and discover how I can help you! 2016 is YOUR BEST YEAR!

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