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The rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.

the rearview mirrow


A thought for TODAY!

rearview. Most people tend to look back and lose sleep over what they lost or did not receive (when they thought it was to appear or happen). As REFLECTION on a situation does promotes growth, this action helps pave the way for a BETTER day – a  fuller TODAY. However, if you feel buried in despair in your yesterday’s, then the meaning of reflection, in my opinion, has been lost. You see, we are meant to live NOW, in this moment and KNOW JOY, share LOVE, KINDNESS, and GUIDE others. None of that is possible if you reject the POWHER of the universe and the infinite possibilities of TODAY. By looking back with downward facing energy (or vibrations) you trigger more of the same to emerge today… and Iam sure this is NOT what you want, however it is exactly what you will receive. So for today, RIGHT NOW, perhaps you are ready to THRIVE IN THE MIRACLES of it’s truth.

More and more, I am convinced you and I create the world in which we live. Pop psychologists glibly suggest, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” While this is true, the problem for most people is how to change their negative thinking and the afflictive emotions that are its inevitable consequence.

How? By observing your thoughts. In the east, this is called acting as the “witnessing presence.” Like witnessing an accident and then reporting on it to the authorities. Be the observer of your own thoughts, even the ones that frighten you.

Here’s 2 things you can do:

Meditate daily. If you’re one of those persons who quickly excuses yourself as having “tried” meditation and discovering it does not work for you, that’s the first thought I’d like to share with you that I can help change. Why? Because it isn’t so. So much of our thinking is just that — wrong. Deceitful. And, the most deceived person is one-and-the-same deceiver. You can learn to meditate and you must, if you wish to learn to control your thoughts and your thinking… and ultimately your health!!

Cultivate the space between thoughts. In other words, as you train yourself to be the observer of your mind…your thoughts, you are actually cultivating what is called “the primary consciousness” that underlies all thinking. It is THAT “space between the notes,” said Claude Debussy “that makes the music.” If there were no spaces between the notes on a sheet of music, the sounds you would hear would not only be unintelligible but meaningless, even annoying. This space is the place of internal peace. It is what some call “pure consciousness.”

It’s taken YEARS of practice, great mentors and coaches to learn how to master this concept of reflection. Need a hand? Both of mine are open.

Much love, light and a freakin TON of laughter,


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