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Mom, Coach, Wellness Lifestyle Strategist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Exercise Instructor, author, Healthy Lifestyle & Inspirational Speaker.

Iam your open, non-judgmental lifestyle & health coach. I have helped thousands of people just like you reset their body, mindset and hack healthy lifelong habits so they can THRIVE! I learned first-hand on myself after overcoming three life-long congenital health challenges and diseases. I stopped using meds for my asthmatic bronchitis, chronic pain caused by degenerative disc disease and a multitude of gut and digestive disorders. I became my own advocate and now teach others how to advocate and incorporate holistic and functional practices. Iam not saying western medicine is all bad, however, I definitely defer to food, herbs, essential oils and spices whenever possible. Imagine healing pain, reducing weight, having more energy, a better sex life, releasing shame, blame, guilt and resentment and living healthier and happier! What would this mean to your life? I'd love to be the game changer of your life and show you how to course correct and be your own best advocate! Schedule your complimentary strategy session and let's CREATE THE BEST LIFE EVER ... starting with today! I believe in simplicity. I believe in cleansing from the inside out starting with conscious thoughts all the way to the cellular level, using my incredible gut cleansing system (CELEBRITY DETOX) to help you drop weight instantly by releasing toxins, caked on fecal matter, mucoid lining and parasites that are damaging, aging and cause disease, pain and fatigue,

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You Just Found Your Next High Energy, Edu-taining, Health Inspired Leadership Speaker!!!

Bundle a Speaker with Engaging Delivery, Informative Content and Entertaining Style and You Can Be Sure Your Next Venue Will Be One That Does More Than Inspires… It Will Change Lives! Becca is available for Keynote Speaking, Corporate Events, Motivational, Corporate Fitness Outings, TV appearances, Radio interviews & Fitness Modeling.

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Praises from our Clients

Mike Wittlin

Red Hot Poker Productions

She won't let you quit... firm But compassionate! She gets you the results she guarantees.

Denise Righetti

Savor Our City

Becca has been my friend, coach and supporter for many years! She is the real deal! She is 200% dedicated to helping people in all facets of their life to achieving results; She doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk too! I feel blessed to have such a wonderful and compassionate person in my life, someone who truly makes this world a better place. Becca, I <3 U!

Lisa D. Lieberman-Wang

NAP Coaching Academy

Becca Tebon is a wealth of information and an amazing resource for your health. I have had the pleasure of having her as a speaker and facilitator at one of my retreats and the participants were blown away with her energy, fun and knowledge. Her gift for making healthy meals taste extraordinary will make your mouth water. I love her recipe book and recommend it to everyone looking to find healthy alternatives in a hectic lifestyle. Love you Becca, you're the best!

MJ Precopio


Becca has the most sincere heart that is full of knowledge and love for others. We first met to work out and soon became dear friends. She is definitely a woman on a mission. Between podcasts, live workouts, radio and TV appearances, you will be in excellent hands to have her help guide you to inner and outer health heights. Plethora of health information is what you will get with Becca. You will not be disappointed. She truly cares and it shows. I highly recommend her. Becca love you girl. 

Brandi Abrahams

Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch

Becca was very attentive to my injury and motivated me to get up and moving at 6:00am! She's been training clients for several years and has a lot of experience under her belt. She's highly motivational and can work with any goals you have or shape you might be in.

Perri Boshes Baer

Rodan & Fields Consultant

So grateful to have Becca coach me back to health and taught me to forgive others and myself. She made me realize my dreams could be a reality and not to give up on myself, to love myself and let go of the past! I appreciate Becca and all the hard work she does to present her healing and healthy lifestyle to help recover problems people have with nourishment. I can't wait read her book "Nourish," I bought it on resale, you can too! I am so proud of her accomplishments in the health and wellness field. On top of that she is a great mom of three beautiful daughters and some rescue pets! Wow Becca is an amazing woman and I am so grateful she is in my life!

Dr Craig Brown

Expansive Medicine

Becca's love of people, honesty, unrelenting energy and desire to support the people she comes into contact with make her an amazing healer of mind and body. I recommend letting Becca touch your life.

Augustine Provancial


I am so grateful to Becca Tebon! I've learned a lot about myself and new healthy habits! It's showing in my clothes!! I am changing the habit of hurting myself with negative phrases and now use loving phrases!! Thank you so much!!

Sharon Lechter


Becca actually opened my eyes about my own health and my total picture of fitness…..she changed my life.

Harriet Jodi Levin


Becca, in 2 days you did what doctors could not do in 10 years! I feel like a new person!! I am amazed and I BELIEVE!

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