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I know exactly what you need, because I know to be better or do better we all need a coach, Me too! I have invested a considerable amount of money in coaches and programs to help me be a better coach, speaker and mom! My programs go beyond inspiration— because that is what gets you started, but not to your goals. I provide simple, science-backed systems in baby-steps to help you maximize results in the least amount of time. I don’t believe in diets or deprivation. As for exercise, I've been working out or training for events since a youth. I've spent HOURS a day pumping iron in a gym. Iam done with that and want to introduce you to my 17 Minute Fitness Club that makes working out TOTALLY fun and effective! In fact, I believe it's the most efficient and effective workout in the world! I give you back your time and you put in your passion to be your best! Deal? No more punishing workouts or spending hours traveling to the gym and working out. IN ONLY 109 MINUTES PER WEEK (that's just over 1.5 hours)— YOU WILL SEE RESULTS! She promotes a 17 minute workout a day program and invites you to join her live and learn how to implement 17 minutes a day into your life.

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Set your attitude on fire! Rev up your health, igniting it daily with 17 Minutes of ME TIME Fitness — that's fun & never boring! Plus— nutritious food fueling your body on full-octane.


South Florida? Join the next 12 Week Transformation
Next 12 Week Transformation starts MARCH 1! Shrink your belly, tone your body and gain a stronger relationship within and with food. This is work! The results are worth it... YOU ARE WORTH IT! Meet 3X/Week in Southeast Boca Raton. Set up your interview and get details by emailing: CoachBecca@BeccaTebon.com
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You Just Found Your Next High Energy, Edu-taining Speaker!!! Be Sure Your Next Venue Will Be One That Does More Than Inspires Your Audience… If You're Seeking Interactive Engagement That Will Change Lives— Speak To Becca! Becca is available for Keynote Speaking, Corporate Events, Motivational, Corporate Fitness Outings, TV appearances, Radio interviews & Fitness Modeling.



Who loves CLUB17 ‚ EVERYBODY! Each workout is 17 minutes!! 4 exercises x 4 sets x :40 seconds each exercise and end with a mindful minute meditation. My fitness enthusiasts, you’ll love these short, powerful workouts that help kick off an amazing day with a magical morning... but you can do them anytime or anyplace — awesome while traveling, at the park or right in your bedroom! Do them first thing in the morning. Just set your alarm 25 minutes earlier. Wash your face and put on your sneakers (if you want). Take it to your fitness level! IWe've built in the best (and most fun) challenges — fitness, foodie, and self loving development challenges to help take you to the next level. You'll also get a monthly free coaching session LIVE via webinar. It's like having your own personal coach in your pocket. Bring your most trying questions to our LIVE Q&A SESSION. Ready to get started? Click here
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Start here. We start from where we are, and strategize a plan that takes into account your lifestyle, goals and nutritional needs.

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