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Science-proven Breakthrough Metabolic Workout!

Becca Tebon named Health Guru for
Becca Tebon named Health Guru for

WHY 17-MINUTES? And Why :30 second & :20 Second Intervals?

Scientific research has shown that HIIT improves both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, impacts muscle tissue at a cellular level, and produces the same anaerobic and aerobic improvement as cardio in less than half the time. Standard, traditional HIIT has been proven to be able to improve aerobic fitness as much as 10 times more than regular endurance exercise.

HIIT programs come in different sizes, and F.I.T. is the newest entry into the mix of  burst workouts. F.I.T. combines the shorter length, hi-intensity bursts like Tabata Method, which is based on shorter bursts with :20 on and :10 off. Taking a look at the Little Method, which is under 30 minutes, however, it is for intermediate levels with :60 seconds on hi-octane and :75 in recovery zone. Lastly, F.I.T. serves up similarities to the Turbulence Training style, as it uses body weight and/or weight lifting alternating cardio movement.  Although they all tend to have different lengths of total time for both high- and low-intensity training cycles and overall length of time, we all share that incorporate bursts as the root of our platforms.
Gotta love the end results! It’s all about results, right?

  1. Burst training promotes post-workout fat burning. There is a long after-burn. YAY!
  2. Burst training raises human growth hormone = Your fountain of youth!!
  3. Burst training reduces your risk for chronic diseases. HIIT exercise are shown to lower the incidence of heart, diabetes and other diseases.
  4. Burst training helps your body adapt to stress. This is important because traditional long-duration cardiovascular exercise increases cortisol levels, attention treadmill enthusiasts and cyclists, but short bursts with intensity thresholds necessary to trigger fat-burning hormones and testosterone reduce cortisol. PS: Cortisol creates fat, fatigue and acid build-up.

The key to making low impact exercise work is to work a little harder by involving your entire body in what you’re doing. Try some of these ideas for making your workouts more intense, increasing your work load and getting more results out of your workouts:

1. Add upper body movements. Pump your arms. Don’t just swing them gingerly. Make their movements strong and impressive.
2. Go Faster. Increase the speed of of your movements.
3. Use big movements. Widen your gate, broaden and deepen your lung and press your arms higher over head. Be sure when you squat, that you go down to your comfortable level and when you do biceps, be sure you extend your arm to near full extension without hyper extending it.


Join me EVERY Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a LIVE “I Get Sexy & Strong WOW” routine that you can do at home, hotel room, the park or your office. It’s seen first LIVE on #Periscope @BeccaTebonFit. You can watch replays on, via my website along with 1-minute videos or on my mobile App: Becca Tebon Fitness

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Becca Tebon is a Certified Holistic International Health & Fitness Keynote speaker, author, wellness lifestyle expert and has been a personal trainer since 1983. She is the founder of the science-based 9 week program F.I.T.. — Fearless Integrated Transformations, which advocated how to deepen your relationship with self, release toxic triggers that harm your health and develop habits that ignite a stronger mind and healthier body.  Her wellness programs, both online & off, support primarily women 40-60 years old. From the shadows of her own congenital health, Asthmatic bronchitis, skeletal and digestive disorders, Becca has retooled her adversities and transformed them into her passions and purpose. Tebon has been featured in many lifestyle magazines, taught at Oprah Winfrey’s Retreat and National Fitness Conventions, emceed for the International Wyland Green Fair. She got back into fitness competing at age 49 and intends to compete into her 70’s. She is an athlete and fitness model.

Specializing in Asthma and Bronchitis relief, Leaky Gut, Chronic Pain, Adrenal Fatigue and self esteem issues. Her science-based “I Get Sexy & Strong in 17-Minute Metabolic WOW Workout has been featu
ed on CBS, FOX2 and approximately 20 other affiliates. If you’re looking to hire  edu-taining, inspiring and full of high-energy keynotes or breakout sessions, you’ve found your speaker! Find out about the incredible Fitness & wellness programs, services, products, workshops and exclusive retreats.

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