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Science of 17 Minute Workouts

The Story Behind Science of 17-Minute Workouts


The 17-minute workout was designed using the AMRAP theory, which is based on the time of an exercise, not counting repetitions in 2011, after an affluent private client kept canceling his one-hour, private training sessions, during tax season. I realized that creating an effective and efficient workout that was short, strong and FUNctional was the best way I could serve my client, and that’s what I set out to do,while creating powHerbands, three ultra diverse bands that are comfortable, don’t pinch or snap and are ergonomic and helpful even for arthritic fingers or those that require exercise from chair or bed.


The Science Behind the 17 Minute Workout


Our bodies need resistance training, and the science proves it. A 2019 study

shows that training using resistance bands provides similar strength gains to

using conventional gym equipment, and when you know the right combination of

exercises to do, you will shred body fat, increase flexibility, stability, build

definition and increase stamina.


If you’re new to resistance training or are wondering if you can get significant

results from it, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:




Resistance training has been proven to speed your metabolism which helps burn

your fat faster. Research is now leaning more towards resistance training for

efficient and effective weight loss long term. Leaving you more Sculpted &





Exercise causes the body to release endorphins and increase oxygen and nutrients

to your tissues that helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

When your heart and lung health improves, you have more energy to tackle those

daily chores. As well unlimited benefits of improved sleep, a stabilize mood and

decompression of your mind.




Improved strength builds lean muscle that is proven to turn your body into a fat

burning machine. Our certified and expert coaches that have decades of

experience will support you to your goals.


If you’ve been wanting to lose fat, boost your energy and sculpt and tone but

have been telling yourself you just don’t have the time, today is the day that all



The Secret Behind the 17-Minute Workout


I hope you find this good news because what I’m about to tell you is the best

news you can hear, and that is – there is no secret other than consistently DOING 17-minute

Workouts! That’s it!


With fresh, new, daily, and functional* (science based) workouts LIVE and on-demand 24/7, you’ll never get bored and can fit this workout into your schedule at the time you choose. There is no

feeling intimidated about going to a gym because you can do this workout in the

privacy of your own home. There is no expensive equipment to buy because all

you need are my PowHERbands, which cost far less than a decent dinner. And

finally, these workouts are for every age and every body type, at every fitness



If you are ready to finally get a strong, sculpted, healthy body in only 17 minutes a

day, then Click here to join the 17-Minute Workout and get in on the Reset



*Ability to do daily activities with greater ease

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