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A Destination About Community That Focuses on You

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Imagine how valuable it would be to have one destination to find out what’s really happening in your A Destination About Community?  Everything from events to sports activities, school news, local politics to interacting with your local businesses and non-profits.

Check out a new, up-and-coming site. It is for you, if you are a locally focused person, own a small businesses or support non-profits. It’s the place for communities to interact, collaborate and focus on local things that matter.  The internet can be a tremendous source of information and there sure is a ton of it, in lots of different places. Makes it hard to feel like you’re part of a community, doesn’t it. Imagine how valuable it would be to have one destination to find out what’s really happening in your community?

Becca Tebon was named “Health Guru” for Rheebo and will be a great go-to resource in the “Ask The Health Expert” column. Feel free to drop her a question and visit often as she ignites the world with top trending ideas to shape up your bod and bliss with mindful focus driven articles, yummies foodie recipes and exercise ideas for the busy executive who lives at his/her desk or frequents hotels and needs quick ways to stay in shape and destress or the mom-on-the-go, who is equally busy with kids, house and community involvement and needs to squeeze in self-time. Becca shared, “Iam pumped to provide easy access to simple health & fitness strategies that can help people stay engaged at their peak performance levels. Life might be complex, but your focus, food and fitness needn’t be. I look forward to igniting lives on a path filled with fun. Come visit me

You can join this community wide platform for education and collaboration for free. You see, when people, businesses and non-profits are informed and engaged in their community, amazing things happen!

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