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Reflection is where the magic happens.

Reflection helps take ideas from the level of simply coming into contact with it, to the level of evaluating it, and letting it live within you.  In other words, thinking about how it is meaningful to you by combining your evaluative, critical sense with what you just learned. I find myself to be a VERY reflective person, however, my reflection has morphed over the years and a very important book changed my way of reflecting FOREVER and I’d like to turn you onto the very principles that changed me from being a “questioning reflective” to a peaceful and “excepting reflective.” In both cases, you are taking what is someone else’s thought and using your perception to make it your own by evaluating it, engaging with it, articulating your ideas about it.  REFLECTING.


Shift Your Health, Happiness and Soul To Thriving . Reflection

If you’d like a more personal conversation to reflect, manifest and aspire higher, I’d love to chat. Grab 10 minutes, a cup of herbal tea and let’s talk. 

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