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Coach with Becca

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10 minute Free Health Consult – Click here and then, fill out the Self Health Assessment if you are seeking ways to feel better and heal your health.

If you’re ready to dive in, then the 30 minute Coaching Session is a purfect place to start – ($97) Click here and then, fill out the Health History and Self Health Assessment if you are seeking ways to feel better and heal your health.




you’ll be asked to fill out these forms prior to your consultation session: Coach with Becca

Self-Help Health Assessment Form – Click here
Iam so grateful that we get to play together.Looking forward to meeting you, Becca


You may have heard the term “health coach” popping up in nutritional circles and appearing randomly in magazine articles and on TV. However, I often find when I tell someone that I’m a Holistic Health Coach, they have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. Health and wellness coaches are popping up in doctor’s offices, spas, gyms and private practices all over the country. They often offer services and fill gaps that doctors, nutritionists and dietitians don’t have the time or resources to fill.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the country, defines a health coach as “a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. Health coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.” To put it simply, health coaches like me are highly educated guides in the fields of nutrition, wellness, bio-individuality and mentoring. Coach with Becca

Iam extremely proud to recieve my health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. I had been helping people for nearly 3 decades, however I wanted even more for my clients, for you. I continuously further my education, in fact I spend a minimum of 1 hour a day researching and writing blogs. I learned over 100 dietary theories and lifestyle coaching techniques to help you discover exactly what will bring you success, and what is holding you back. It took a year of training to become credentialed as a health coach through the institute. I deliver a 3-prong approach, it’s not only on the food you eat, but also your lifestyle, and mindset.


“My self healing of

Asthmatic Bronchitis,

Digestive & Elimination Challenges,

and chronic pain in joints and my spine,

have led me to my purpose of helping others feel and look better from the inside out.”


Have you ever been given a list of “eat this, not that?” Have you found that making drastic changes at once are unsustainable and don’t work for you long-term? Perhaps a friend of yours lost a bunch of weight on one particular diet, but when you tried it, the results were minimal at best? That’s where a health coach comes in. I help you implement small changes, specific to your health, life and other factors, little by little, at a pace that’s comfortable for you so you can meet all your health goals and STOPE THE YO-YO “diet & weight gain game.” I work with you to help you discover your bio-individuality. Coach with Becca

Imagine in less than 9 weeks having a new outlook on life,

a better relationship with yourself,

not afraid of food,

and manifesting your dreams!

90 Minute New Comprehensive Health Assessment and 30 Day Plan


Free Health Consult Breakthrough Session

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get buff or tone, increase energy, stop using statin meds for diabetes, cholesterol, chronic pain, sleep, anxiety or just get to the healthiest you’ve ever been, health coaches take the time to listen to your concerns, help you discover where you are and why you are struggling, and help you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to figure out exactly what works for your bio-individual body.


Coach with Becca. My practice, Becca Tebon F.I.T., works one-on-one, in small groups of individuals on retreats and offers easy to follow programs online for those who want to lose weight, increase energy and get healthy in the most efficient ways. You can even schedule a complimentary breakthrough session to discuss your objectives, struggles and plan of action. One of the best parts of coaching with me is that you meet me in comfort of your home via telephone, What’s APP or Skype.

It’s also important to know what a health coach is not. A health coach is not a doctor. Health coaches don’t diagnose conditions, prescribe medications or recommend lower or higher doses of your current medications. Many health coaches are not personal trainers(although some, like me, are certified in personal training), so it’s important to know what certifications yours holds if he or she is recommending specific exercises for you. A health coach is not a drill sergeant. To help you stay accountable I have a MOBILE APP (Becca Tebon Fitness) or  Google Play

At a time when one in five people will die of lifestyle-related disease and diabetes and obesity are at an all-time high, health coaches provide the nutritional and lifestyle guidance society desperately needs to find its way back to health. Coach with Becca

[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title=”I want my mojo” el_id=”1445331729905-d32c7747-f568″]Sometimes all you need is a few tweaks, someone to hear you and ask those MILLION DOLLAR questions that you won’t ask yourself. Tony Robbins, says, “If you ask yourself from the same place as you are, your answers will remain the same.” This is SO TRUE. That’s where a LIFE COACH comes in.  Many of my high end executive clients are so used to delegating they crave someone to challenge their thoughts and crack their code. If you are ready for coaching, this COMPLEMENTARY call will be a game changer. Take my hand during 9 weeks and become the next Fit & Fabulous Make-over superstar, from the inside out. Each week has a different module and point of interest.

Maybe you want to start by yourself (you can always add personal coaching time to triumph any areas that come up). If you want to heal your past, learn how to crush cravings and eat healthy FUN FOOD and then also add just 17 minute exercise to tone up, many people start here with my 30 Day Health Habit Reset[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Client Forms & Scheduling Your Health Consult Session” el_id=”1445331689415-4b510e37-e23d”]

Please fill out this “Self-Help Health Assessment Form” – Click here


Choose the best session for you!

Free Health Consult Breakthrough Session- 10 Minute “Meet & Greet” We will review your goals and discuss your challenges.

New Comprehensive Health Assessment and 30 Day Plan. – 90 Minute VERY thorough consult and a comprehensive strategic plan that meets your goals, whether weight loss, diabetes, chronic fatigue, gut & digestive issues, losing belly fat or a life challenge or transition that you want help with.

Thank you! Iam looking forward to meeting you on our SKYPE call. Schedule it now.
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