FREE 3-Day (YOU CAN DO THIS!) No Excuses Fitness Challenge

PLEASE STOP judging yourself and living in the “Regret Zone.”  Iam here to help you out of that stinkin’ thinkin’! I have coached thousands and the trail you’re on is not unique— you are not alone. It takes the first step and a firm hand holding!



I’ve set up this FREE Fitness Challenge especially for my BEGINNERS to start taking ACTION and better care of yourself!

Each workout is 17 minutes!! My fitness enthusiasts, who cannot make time for the gym — you’ll love these short, workouts too! Do them first thing in the morning. Just set your alarm 25 minutes earlier. Wash your face and put on your sneakers (if you want).

Take it to your fitness level! I’ll show you how to add a challenge and protect your knees & back!

I’ve spent years researching and testing TIME v EFFICIENCY when it comes to workouts (I’ve trained thousands of clients over 3 decades)!  These routines can be done anytime or anywhere and do not require equipment because they use body weight for the exercises, as well as, household items like; dish towels, paper plates,  chairs, milk jugs, 24-pack of water, step stools and playground balls to REV up and have FUN during the workouts!

Bad knees? Bad back? No worries!! I got you covered with alternate exercises and leg strengthening moves!

Fear the Squat? They provide a great workout for multiple muscle groups, toning the bum, quads, hamstrings, calves and slim down the jelly on our bellies too. The 3 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE targets the whole body as well as those we want to work on the most (especially us women) — butts, legs, stomach, thighs and arms!

Do this challenge in home, office, RV or while traveling in hotels! You can it anywhere! We’ve even heard companies and schools are using this fitness challenge to build moral and keep everyone de-stressed, healthy, engaged and motivated during one of the most stressful & busy times of the year! How cool is that? If your company or school adopts this challenge, please let us know — We’d love pictures of you and your family, office or classroom doing this challenge! You might even get featured in a blog.

What You’ll Do

You’ll receive a welcome email letter within 15 minutes— check your PROMOTIONS & SPAM FOLDER (my emails usually land there until you make us a friend) and add to your friend list with a downloadable chart with the daily exercises. Beginners, intermediate or advanced FIT levels are all included. (Please see website for safety disclaimer)

This challenge is for the young and young at heart! These exercises can be modified in a chair or taken to the extreme by adding weights, bigger moves &/or speed.

How it works
  • You will do a different workout each day for 3 days.
  • 4 exercises, 4 sets each
  • In each session, you’ll want to do the exercises as fast as you can, using proper form, for :30 seconds; then take :20 seconds to recover, drink your water and catch your breath.
  • For the super advanced, do cardio (i.e.: Squats, lunges, jogging in place, total body throws, etc) during the :20 — NO BREAK FOR YOU!!
  • Do the best you can. YOU GOT THIS!!!
  • Form is more important than reps! Do not bash yourself if you can’t finish— but know that EVERYONE is feeling it too … and the outcome is enhanced when you push past that “ouchie spot” and get a few more reps in!  You have 7 days— take each day and embrace your goal. Set your intention on completion!
Trainer Tips

Each exercise will be explained and you can do them with me here.

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