100 Day Fit & Food Challenge

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So, I decided to wrap a wellness program into a simple challenge… to keep it FUN & EXCITING! I want to introduce you to a UNCOMPLICATED & CLEAN LIFESTYLE and SHOW you how DAILY ACTIONS, over time, will become productive HEALTHY HABITS and practices that are the foundation of YOUR HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE!!  100 Day Fit & Food Challenge

4 WEEKS! Group coaching, weekly accountability, commUNITY camaraderie, recipes, fun fitness and guaranteed results!



When we take consistent positive action, we become

who we want to be. Not by force or willpower, but by

actually changing the way we think, speak and see ourselves.

As we change we will become a positive impact on our family,

friends and, ultimately, on the world.




Daily Texts (M-F) via the Mobile APP & 4 Weekly 30 Minute calls —— PLUS —— the other good stuff included in my fitness challenges like a food journal, weight loss recipes, and the opportunity to schedule personal coaching for only $2/minute (30 minute minimum)

• Weekly Group Calls!

FIT FRESH FUN FAST weight loss recipes (Real Food, Smoothies & Juicing)

• Get your body in shape without ever stepping into a gym with Becca’s Proprietary 17-Minute Metabolic Make-Over Workout & Exercise Videos!

• Learn how to eat to nourish your bod & brain, without feeling hungry or deprived- EVER!  

 • Grab some of the golden nuggets my high paying clients’ receive to retrain their bods & brains in the 9 Week Sexy & Strong Make-Over!

 • Release Inches & Keep track in your FOOD JOURNAL!

• Gain Self Respect!

 • Declare war on fears & Win the battle of your bulge!

• Receive weekly 17-Minute Metabolic Workout Routines (Do live with me or watch the replay)

• Game changing in ONLY 4 weeks!

I am so glad I get to go along with you on this journey! 100 Day Fit & Food Challenge


Becca[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title=”FREE BONUS!!!!! 100 Day Squat Challenge” el_id=”1448939657394-4300bfcb-7d27″]THE 100 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE— free! All you have to do is check in DAILY & POST on our special Facebook page and share that you did your squats!   Then share with your friends & via two forms of social media by tagging #100DayFITsquatChallenge #BeccaTebonFIT  #100DayFitFoodChallenge and we’ll send you a REALLY COOLIO tank top![/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”GET MAXIMUM RESULTS OUT OF THIS CHALLENGE” el_id=”1448939645558-966d81b4-2302″]So, what do you need to do to get the MAXIMUM RESULTS OUT OF THIS CHALLENGE?

  1. Please sign your accountability form, make 5 copies and place them: on the Refrigerator, next to your bathroom sink, taped to your car’s dashboard, on your desk and in your journal.
  3. Join the 100 Day FIT & FOOD Challenge Group on Facebook
  4. Run to your email box every SUNDAY NIGHT and READ! JUMP on the SUNDAY NIGHT TRENDING HEALTH CALL … and practice a higher level of self love & self discipline!
  5. Put only GOOD CHOICE REAL FOODS into your supermarket cart.
  6. While eating out, choose to have sauces placed on the side and take a good look at the portion size. Box half of it for another meal.
  7. END EACH DAY with writing or saying your gratitude and set your INTENTION for the next day!

DO THE 100 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE— free! All you have to do is check in DAILY & POST on our special Facebook page and share that you did your squats!   Then share with your friends & via two forms of social media by tagging #100DayFITsquatChallenge #BeccaTebonFIT and we’ll send you a REALLY COOLIO tank top!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/100DAYFITCHALLENGE/[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”I like ACCOUNTABILITY” el_id=”1448939658829-b8f3dedd-1670″]PS: For those of you just starting out, 100 days can seem like a long time! I know! I get it! I have helped hundreds change their lifestyle and habits and you will be the next one! If you are concerned, even slightly, then enroll now with me for personal accountability for just $2.37 per day (That’s a $128 savings) I’ll send you an additional ebook, that only my private clients receive

  • You’ll get my personal email, so you can text me directly
  • Talk to me for live 30 minutes each month
  • Use of my BECCA TEBON Mobile App to track your mood, food & more! 100 Day Fit & Food Challenge

THIS OFFER IS ONLY GOOD WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS THAT YOU OPEN THIS EMAIL. After 24 hours, the price goes up to regular price.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”F.r.e.e. Downloads” el_id=”1448939658244-8f455c48-eaf1″]DO YOU LIKE FREE BONUSES?

Download the FLUSH THE FLAB 2 Day Weekend Detox & Weight Loss Program . 


100 Day Fit & Food Challenge . We’ve created a SPECIAL place just for the program participants on Facebook! No one will be able to see what you post (except for other members of the group) so share with us your daily affirmations, before and after pictures, questions, or anything at all! I’ll be in the group posting advice and inspiration all the time. Click here to request access to the group.  



DOWNLOAD my FREE MOBILE APP on Google Play Store and iTunes. It’s packed with tools, tactics and information that keep you on track for your health & fitness goals!  100 Day Fit & Food Challenge

Jump over to the PRODUCT PAGE where you’ll find a link to add personal coaching with me, BECCA TEBON,  elite trainer (32 years) to the stars and the best (safe & natural plant-based pharmaceutical grade) herbal energy & weight loss supplements to help you jumpstart your metabolism and help shed extra fat while you start adding muscle. My clients LOVE THE RESULTS THEY GET FROM THEM and so will you!!!

Another goodie— you’ll receive a FREE download of the FREE DELISH WEIGHT LOSS SMOOTHIE GUIDE (with a BONUS Detox recipe) and we’ll send you our monthly newsletter and enter you into our other BOD & BLISS 360° group for FREE, here you’ll be part of an ongoing group of peeps just like you seeking advice on nutrition, fitness, mindset and TONS OF CAMARADERIE!!  Yup, you’ll even have access to or sensational 17 minute Sunday night calls that drop the F’ing Blog on FITNESS • FOOD • FOCUS • FAMILY/FRIEND RELATIONSHIPS, FAITH, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, FASHIONISTA and FUN THINGS TO DO!!

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