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#WomenBandTogether was formed, from a calling to Becca Tebon, out of the desire to create a global hub where women will rise up from the chaos of Corona to the wonders of their unbridled desires, buried dreams and new desire of self-love, respect and discovery they seek and or want to share, with a mission to help women less fortunate as a global unit. 


As a collective, our mission will support women who need help, by sponsoring tools, skills and events for them to better themselves. We will work with organizations globally. We are seeking to enrich and connect lives, skills, godly gifts and creative communal.

100% of the net sales profits will go towards the collective mission.

We are not a non-profit, just a branch of health and wellness company that has been guided to do more for women everywhere. We see women’s groups collaborating, sharing their strengths building and supporting each other.


We would like to know which non-profit women’s organization speaks to you. You will be receiving an email asking for your suggestions. We would also like to hear about the types of scholarships, coaching programs you would like to offer or can refer.



If you know of a corporation, t-shirt printer &/or manufacture that would like to donate or underwrite the products/services for this fund-raiser please contact me (Becca) directly here: email


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