Weekly WOW Workouts Live

$147.00 $77.00

Becca’s W.O.W. [Women-Only-Workouts] … Yes, guys love it too! This special prepays for January – March when we launch this new live fitness program via Zoom! Once you sign up, you will get details via email.

Created for women who don’t like to go to the gym, haven’t workout out in a while and want to start slowly, TOO BUSY and looking for a fast & fun way to get your body rocking around their schedule!

You can do anything for just 17 Minutes!…and these workouts are so much fun.

  • Just 17-Minutes-a-day of Energy-Boosting routines, loved by people who HATE working out!
  • Quick and easy to follow exercises for the Best Butt, Toned Thighs, Flat Belly and Amazingly Sexy Arms.
  • Fitness activities (no pushing weights required) that are fun for YOU! Yesssss— I bet you’ll be addicted!
  • Proper body alignment instruction to prevent injury
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