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Savvy Supermarket Shopping Spree – Full Day + 90 Day 1:1 Coaching


Savvy Supermarket Shopping Spree. Discover NEW and DELICIOUS healthy, nutritious food and shop the conventional supermarket seeking foods that serve the body best! Learn How To Shop and Eat Better. Discover how to TRULY nourish your body with GREAT TASTING and FAST MEALS … and the effects that will have on your everyday clarity, focus, drive, stamina, and overall general health… Your bottom line and your bottom!

This program is proven to short-cut your shopping trips and create a better relationship with the inner you and food! Many of my clients had poor relationships, even FEAR of FOOD prior. I will help. by breaking it down and sharing easy, delicious, and nutritious meals your body craves.

You Will Receive:

  1. A guided shopping Spree
  2. Shopping Lists
  3. Recipe eBooks
  4. “The Happy Home Toxic Removal Guide” (Room by Room)
  5. Eating Guide for Blood Types
  6. Food Buying Guide with Terms
  7. Cooking DVD: Make 8 FIT Fresh Fun Fast Foods
  8. Food Choices and Alternatives
  9. How to pack a lunch box for the busy executive/student
  10. Slow cooking shortcuts
  11. Smoothie & Juicing Recipes
  12. Organic v. Natural v. Healthy
  13. The Secret to Burning Fat
  14. Vitamins, supplements and how the body absorbs
  15. Recipes for cleanses …. And more!!
  16. F.I.T. Kit: 3 ring Binder
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