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Reset Revolution — On-Demand yearly + powherbands


Original price was: $499.00.Current price is: $459.00. for 1 year

YAY! You’re One Click Away From The BEST WORKOUTS for women over 40 using the powHERbands™️ Resistance Bands 17 Minute Training Method!

YES, BEAUTY you are on the move and need a workout that meets your demanding schedule and provides that delivers results! Women over 40 or 50 REQUIRE a different type of workout. The RESET REVOLUTION was crafted to meet your needs and deliver FUNCTIONAL exercises, using compound muscle groups helping your shed fat, build muscle and boost your confidence. Let’s Get It Going Beauty, your 17 Minute Reset Workout begins now! 

RESET Revolution Transformation for fat loss, muscle gain, cinch your waist and tighten those bad wings and thighs. Resistance bands for women.The soft rubber provide added comfort and a secure grip. DOES NOT ROLL OR PULL LIKE THE THIN LATEX BANDS. And DO NOT SNAP.

Reset Revolution — On-Demand yearly

  • powHERbands™️ Starter Kit
  • 24/7 – On-demand Workouts at your convenience
  • 30 New Workouts In the Mini Vault Weekly
  • Functional-based training for women & men 40, 50, 60, and beyond
  • All levels have success with the AMRAP using 40 second intervals
  • Daily Coaching From a Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • RESET STICKY NOTES for your Daily 1 Minute Unstuck Coaching
  • Monthly Live, Plant-based Cooking Lessons
  • The #1 Women’s Global Community (private on Facebook)
  • Help a friend get healthier and stronger and bank some bucks

Reset Revolution

On-Demand yearly is a groundbreaking wellness program designed to help individuals achieve balance and transformation in their lives. With a holistic approach that combines mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and personal development, empowers person to make positive changes and create a sustainable lifestyle that promotes overall well-being.

At the core of Reset Revolution — On-Demand yearly is the concept of resetting and reevaluating one’s current lifestyle. It encourages individuals to step back, reflect, and identify areas that may be causing stress, imbalance, or dissatisfaction. By fostering self-awareness and introspection, Reset Revolution enables person to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their needs.

The program emphasizes mindfulness practices as a means to cultivate present-moment awareness and reduce stress. Through guided meditation, breathwork exercises, and mindful movement, person learn to quiet the mind, manage emotions, and develop a greater sense of calm and clarity. These practices form the foundation for the other components of the program.

Nutrition is another crucial aspect of Participants are educated on the importance of nourishing their bodies with wholesome and nutrient-dense foods. They learn to make informed choices about their diet, incorporating whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. The program provides meal plans, recipes, and nutritional guidance to support individuals in making healthy food choices.



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