21-Day Intermittent Fast, Plant-Based Challenge


Get Started the Right Way in 2020 with Clean, Plant-Based Nutrition.

Cleanse, Detox and Heal your body • Boost your energy • Lose Weight • Look Better & Feel Better • Get Game-Changing Results

21-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge

January 13th-31st

 Supercharge your life with my PLANT-BASED FLEXITARIAN EATING METHOD. Let’s lose the holiday love handles and finally start eating healthy and hack those bad habits…

and No Counting Calories!!

Are you interested in moving to a whole-food, plant-based diet? Whether you’re looking to prevent chronic conditions like heart disease or type-2 diabetes, or you’re looking to do something positive for the planet, getting started might seem challenging. Never fear, we have the perfect guide for you!


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21-Day Plant-Based program with e-Cookbook PLUS Essential List, Coaching & Community Support!


With the holidays gone and the New Decade starting, I want to help you supercharge your life with my PLANT-BASED FLEXITARIAN EATING METHOD.  Let’s lose the holiday love handles and finally start eating healthy and hack those bad habits.


What is Plant-Based Flexitarian?

Simply stated, it’s eating YUMMY HEALTHY NON-GMO FOOD, without added sugars, super processed, artificial flavors or colors, yet we leave room for each of us being bio-individual, so it’s not 100% Vegan, it’s living within each of our boundaries and learning how to intuitively eat— NO WORRIES, BECCA WILL TEACH YOU HOW!!

Our 21-day plant-based, flexitarian meal plan for beginners will walk you through everything you need to know to start on your plant-based journey.

To make things easy to follow, we’ve broken it down into meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also included some snacks and desserts, because we know the value of having those in your life! All you’ll need to do is pick and choose your favorites. Before you know it, you’ll be done with your first 30-days and you’ll be a pro.

You’ll learn how to intuitively eat the micro-nutrients your body needs while I show you how to…..

Love Yourself Up Too!

IF is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trends, but I have been using it personally for over 5 years when I saw how easy it was, I started to share it with clients — AND THEY ALL GOT REDICULOUS RESULTS TOO!!

People are using IF to lose weight, improve their health and simplify their lifestyles.

Many studies show that it can have powerful effects on your body and brain and may even help you live longer.

If you’ve been wondering about how to add more healthy eating habits, with whole plant-based foods into your life, but get tired of eating salads for lunch and dinner…

                 You’re in the right place baby
and No Counting Calories… ever!!


You will learn the following:

How to fast (3 choices)
How to avoid hunger cravings
The relationship between fat & muscle loss to successful fasting
The positive effects of IF on your metabolism
12 evidence-based benefits to intermittent fasting and how to incorporate this plan into your everyday lifestyle!! — YES, this is NOT A DIET!! 

You are learning a way to add HEALTHY EATING into your busy, hectic lifestyle!!

**This is not for everyone. If you are pregnant, nursing a child, 18 or younger, or underweight you should not be in this group. If you take medications and especially if you are on insulin, you need to check with your medical doctor before taking this challenge.

Have you ever tried to lose weight without success?

Are you tired of feeling bloated and having low energy?

Do you feel sluggish during the day, especially after eating?


If you said “YES” to any of the above the 21-Day IF Challenge is perfect for YOU!


Start Eating The Right Way Now!


I remember trying to pull up my jeans when the weather got cold up at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) only to discover they didn’t fit and I had gained 25 pounds IN THE FIRST SEMESTER— yes, that is just 3 months!  I figured if I could gain weight that fast, I should be able to lose just as fast. But, what happened was quite different, I actually lost it faster and kept it off (I did experience occasional weight gain over the next 20 years, until I settled my person relationship with myself and food… which I share on the webinar with you).

Now decades later, and studying over 100 different food programs during my HHC (Holistic Health Coaching) certification course, I found intermittent fasting to be the most successful formula and health-based LIFESTYLE SYSTEM out there. I have personally been using IF for over 5 years and have helped others lose weight and keep it off using this system… THIS IS NOT A DIET! NOT A FAD THING going on here… This is Lifestyle Baby!

You will learn the 10 Most Common Questions Asked About Intermittent Fasting

How often should I fast? Everyday? Once, twice, or three times a week?

How many hours should I fast?

What should I eat?

How often should I eat during the non-fasting hours?

How long should I be on the Intermittent fasting diet?

How will I feel?

Once I reach my goal weight, how do I maintain it?

Can I have coffee? Alcohol?

Can I exercise?

Should I see my doctor first before going on Intermittent Fasting?


What You’ll Get…

Guidebook — Everything you need!

Daily Quick Emails

Private Group Postings & Accountability

Best plant-based Recipes

Simple & Fast Food Prepping 

Meal Plan Guide

Learn how to conduct YOUR intermittent fast in a healthy and effective manner

Online Fitness Clubhouse — CLUB17 The 17-Minute Health & Fitness System using bodyweight and resistance bands with exercises that are only :40 SECONDS! We have created over 150 exercises and you get to customize your workout routine selecting which body parts you want to work. Accessible 24/7 


Not sure yet?

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2020 is the perfect time to get your body where you want it to be, once and for all, with my 21 Day intermittent Fasting Challenge.  Here’s how it works:

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  1. BeccaT

    “I had pain almost all of the time because of arthritis. I woke up in pain and never wanted to workout because I was so tired from not sleeping. I lost 32 pounds doing this plant-based, flexitarian plan with Coach Becca in 12 weeks. It started to come off quickly when I really took it seriously. I was never hungry or felt deprived. You gotta try it! It works!

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