2023 Women’s Celebrity Detox-2-Destiny Retreat




2023 Women’s Celebrity Detox-2-Destiny Retreat

11 Day Health Program with a 5 Days/4 Nights Inclusive Retreat



Memorial Day Weekend SALE

2-4-1 only $2500 for the entire program and retreat



Imagine ending your year in a way that gives your time to breathe, spend time within, release unhealthy toxins, and exercise your wildest dreams into existence! How would that make you feel? What do you want for 2023?



Purposefully Re-Design, Re-Fresh, Re-New, Receive From The Inside Out




Talk about the things that matter.

Be real.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Support your sisters!

Walk in your truth.

Speak up so the world can hear you.

Return to what is sacred.

Love what you love and don’t apologize for it.


Find your wild.

Go on adventures.

Touch the earth.


Feel it all.

Stand in your power and move in your magic.

Live this life fully.

Transform, my love.

Be wildly brave.


Plenty of me time built in… I know many of you just want to chill, get lost in a great novel, book a treatment or gaze up at the sky and just daydream.

We’ll have workshops on creating healthy meals in minutes! New fitness workouts (Get outside your comfort zone girlfriend) in just 17 minutes that will reshape and boost your metabolism… mat, chair, pool, and more! PLUS our special workshop leaders have comprised workshops you probably have never taken part of, but your soul craves — all of this creating more than a memorable weekend — you will be ready and eager to start up your NEW YEAR on the right foot (umm BOTH FEET)!


The fun turns on Wednesday, October 11th at 6pm mountainside with a beverage & icebreakers, followed by a nutritional, plant-based meal we will prepare together!

We will hug goodbye at 11a on Sunday, October 15, all set to soar the final quarter of ’23 and rock 2024!

AND AMAZING SWAG… and this year, bonus coaching til the New Year!!


Organic, cold-press juices plus a last meal on Wednesday night.


RECEIVE A $50 THANK YOU for referring friends

2023 Retreat

BFF Room, Shared Room



√ Remove old fecal matter that impinge proper nutrient absorption √  Release toxins that can be reabsorbed in colon

√ STOP sugar & carb cravings
√ Learn healthy habits
√ Learn how to create healthy food
√ Release distended belly and trouble eliminating

  Kick off your weight loss by release 5-12 pounds in n11 days

√ Feel more confident
√ Reduce chronic constipation
√ Feel better and understand how to nourish your body at the cellular level

PS: If you have any health conditions or physical restrictions just shoot me an email to find out if this retreat is a good FIT for you –

What's Included!


• Resort-style Private home

• 11 Day Detox Coaching Program & Retreat

• 5 Days/4nights … without feeling needed and demanded by others — PURE ME TIME!! Can you say “ahhhhhhhh?”

• Health Coaching — Group & Individual (20 minute call prior to retreat)

• 60+ page guidebook with recipes, protocols and links to all of my resources

• 18 Organic, Cold-pressed juices to help your body detox (16oz each)

  • Herbs to release parasites, trapped toxins & colon build up
  • Yoga, morning meditation & stretch
  • Self development workshops

• Sacred Sand Dollar Releasing ceremony

• Keepsake aura craft project

• Chakra Recalibration & Sound Healing

• Girlfriends for life on a journey to more love, more life, more laughter!

• Way Cool SWAG (of course!!)

• Spa Party

• Glow Party

• Surprise Party

• Daily Hikes


• Individual Massages & Reiki Sessions (Optional)

Meet Your Retreat Leaders


6 Manifest & Master Craft 2023 Workshops!

MEET BECCA TEBON, your health, fitness, and UNSTUCK coach, creator of powHERbands™️ and DETOX-2-DESTINY RETREAT. You will discover, create and learn how to map out an intentional 2023 through 3 neuroscience-based workshops, plus FUN creative play shops, daily 17 Minute Workouts, and discussions related to nourishing your mind and body. Becca has over come pulmonary, skeletal and digestive been featured in many lifestyle magazines, CNBC, and FOX and found her greatest gift is to empowher women to live a life of health, and happiness and truly THRIVING their journey!



MEET SUNNY ARFA — Sunny will lead Group meditation to begin relaxing and letting go of all past and future. Includes vibrational sound waves of the healing gong and crystal singing bowls to slow down brain waves and raise the vibration of every cell in the body and brain. Set intentions for a positive minded healthy harmonizing weekend of soul evolution. 

• Chakra Clearing & Balancing.           • Manifestation & Meditation               • BrainAmping™




MEET NICOLE QUINTAVALLE – Nicole will be leading Chakra Pranic Yoga – The purpose of this class is to create vibrant healing and spiritual awakening through contact with the 7 chakras (a chamber in the temple of the body for receiving, assimilating and transmitting life force energy) through specific pranayama (breath) and asanas (postures) for each chakra we will focus on becoming aware of each energy center and identify and release blockages in chakras to re-establish balance throughout the body, mind, and energy. You’ll have the option to book 1:1 Massages (paid to Nicole)


MEET VISMAYA RUBIN, a mental health advocate, founder of Living in GRATITUDE Today, and #1 GRATITUDE gangsta! Vismaya shows people how to manage emotions, challenge negative thought patterns, and improve relationships by Living in GRATITUDE Today. Vismaya’s approach to practicing gratitude is original, edgy, direct, and energizing. For twenty years, she taught inner-city high schoolers to tap into their inner GRATITUDE GANSTA and appreciate life, regardless of their circumstances. Now, Vismaya shares these tools with overwhelmed, and overworked people who are ready to reclaim their happiness.




12 Benefits of Juicing

Juicing may seem like a rather recent trend, but in fact, it is dated back to as early as 150 B.C. The first record of juicing¹ was from an ancient tribe in Israel called the Essenes, who created a process of mashing pomegranates and figs for the health benefits of the juices. In the 1920s, a physician named Max Gerson created his own organic fresh fruit and vegetables based diet. This diet is still believed to have cancer-curing benefits. A lot of other herbalists and health practitioners have found that juice from fresh herbs and soft fruits to have healing benefits.

1. Release the body of excess waste. The main purpose of detoxing is to stimulate the body to purge itself, allowing your body to get rid of any excess waste it’s been storing, including the liver, kidneys and colons.

2. Amp up your immune system. When your body detoxifies, your immune and other bodily systems strengthens because they are clean, and free to function as they should.

3. Boosts your energy. You will feel more energetic and lively when your body has flushed the wastes.

4. Release weight. For long-term weight loss, you must establish long-term eating habits, and rid yourself of unhealthy habits. If you are one to go on a drastic reduction in calories and rapid weight loss, you are more likely to gain all that weight back as soon as you stop. These short-term results won’t last if you don’t make it a point to replace bad food choices with good, and use your newfound energy to exercise more and be more active overall.

5. Better breath & Body odor

Believe it or not a backed up colon, the end of your digestive trail can lead to bad breath.

6. Improved skin. Your skin is your largest organ. Since detox programs improve your overall health, it makes sense that your skin benefits the most.

7. Clearer thinking. A cleanse not only benefits your body, but it also strengthens the state of your mind and creates better conscious thoughts and lifting the fog on your focus.

8. Promotes healthy changes. It helps eliminate addiction and cravings to sugar, caffeine, or fried or crunchy foods. If you cleanse the body and replace those foods with healthier choices, you can retrain mind and you’ll be more likely to stick to your new habits.

9. Healthier hair. A lot of herbs, vitamins and minerals you consume during a detox have a direct impact on making your hair healthier. If your hair is dry, brittle it could be a big indicator a detox program might be a great solution for not only you health, but your hair too!

10. Anti-aging benefits. The constant barrage of toxins that our bodies have to battle every day is a BIG contributor to the aging process,—trans-fats, sugar and caffeine.

11. Lighter feeling. When you stop eating foods that weigh you down, and replace them with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, a lighter feeling is bound to occur. Your body naturally replenishes the energy you lose throughout the day with the help of a good, organic diet. I highly suggest colon cleanses for my clients, and routinely do them myself, generally 2 times per year, or semi-cleanse if I start to feel any illness or fatigue.

12. Improved sense of over all well-being. A (total) detox takes hard work, dedication and a positive attitude. When you detox, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen in all arenas of your life both personal and professional.



5 days of health coach-led, structured food plan, with simple meals you can make or buy.

with a 5-day, in-person immersive retreat in the scenic, foothills of North Carolina with views for miles, you’ll be guided by the best experts in their field through workshops and ceremonies to release, renew and receive from a higher, elevated consciousness. You’ll be immersed in sound, touch and art therapies. When was the last time you had quiet time without someone needed you to do something? Daily ME TIME and journaling in beautiful, leather journals, linen Envision Board books and so much more.

4 days of health coach-led, structured food plan, with simple meals you can make or buy.

Included: Herbs, juices and coaching to support the cleanse,

4 night retreat stay, excursion, and life-changing play shops

8am: Organic, cold-pressed Juice

9am: Yoga 

9am: Artesian Detox water

10am: 17 Minute Reset powHERbands™️ Workout

10am: Organic, Cold-pressed Juices

11a-2pm: Workshops: Health, Abundance, Cleansing, Releasing, Expansion, Self Leadership, Aura Painting

11am: Artesian Detox water

√ Themed parties – Spa PJs, Disco Night, White Party and Celebrity Red Carpet Party Reveal

√ Surprise Excursion

√ Nightly Sisterhood Fireside Evenings

Course Material

Herbs are shipped, once you’ve filled out the Celebrity Detox questionnaire (click here)

Welcome email, guidebook and packing list will be sent via email from


Coming Soon

Refund Policy

Refunds available up to 3 months prior. Transfer is possible, but must be approved by team. Transportation to/from retreat is on your own. Venue, juices, herbs and water, plus workshops and specialty crafts are inclusive.

10 Ways This Retreat Will Benefit You

Participating in a detox retreat can offer numerous benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here are ten reasons why you should consider going to a detox retreat:

  1. Reset and rejuvenate: Detox retreats provide an opportunity to reset your body and mind, allowing you to break away from unhealthy habits and start fresh.

  2. Remove toxins from your body: Detox programs often focus on cleansing the body by eliminating toxins accumulated through poor diet, pollution, stress, and other factors. This can have a positive impact on your overall health.

  3. Healthy eating habits: Detox retreats typically offer nutritious, whole foods that support detoxification. By experiencing this type of diet, you can learn new healthy eating habits to incorporate into your daily life.

  4. Weight loss and improved digestion: Detox programs often lead to weight loss and improved digestion as they promote the consumption of nutrient-dense foods and eliminate processed and unhealthy options.

  5. Enhanced energy levels: By eliminating toxins and adopting healthier habits, detox retreats can boost your energy levels and leave you feeling more vibrant and energized.

  6. Mental clarity and focus: Detoxification can also have a positive impact on your mental state. Clearing toxins from your body can enhance mental clarity, sharpen focus, and improve cognitive function.

  7. Stress reduction: Many detox retreats incorporate practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, which can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.

  8. Supportive environment: Detox retreats offer a supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals who are also on a wellness journey. Sharing experiences and challenges can be inspiring and encouraging.

  9. Break from technology and daily distractions: Detox retreats often encourage participants to disconnect from technology and daily distractions. This break can help you unplug, unwind, and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level.

  10. Education and new skills: Detox retreats often provide educational sessions, workshops, and activities that can teach you new skills, such as healthy cooking, stress management techniques, and self-care practices. These skills can be valuable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond the retreat.

Remember, before embarking on a detox retreat, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it aligns with your individual health needs and goals.

10 Reasons To Do A JUICE CLEANSE

Here are 10 potential reasons why some people choose to do a juice cleanse:

  1. Nutrient boost: Juice cleanses can provide a concentrated intake of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.

  2. Hydration: Juices are primarily composed of water, which can help hydrate the body and support overall health.

  3. Increased fruit and vegetable intake: Many people struggle to consume the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and a juice cleanse can provide a convenient way to increase their intake.

  4. Detoxification: Some proponents suggest that juice cleanses support the body’s natural detoxification processes by eliminating toxins and waste products.

  5. Weight loss kick-start: Juice cleanses are often used as a short-term strategy to jumpstart weight loss efforts, as they can help reduce overall calorie intake.

  6. Mental clarity: Some individuals claim that juice cleanses improve mental focus and clarity, potentially due to increased nutrient intake and improved hydration.

  7. Digestive rest: By temporarily abstaining from solid foods, a juice cleanse may give the digestive system a break, allowing it to reset and potentially improve digestive functions.

  8. Potential for increased energy: Supporters argue that the high nutrient content of juices can boost energy levels, as the body receives a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals.

  9. Encourages mindful eating: Juice cleanses can help individuals become more mindful of their eating habits and develop a greater appreciation for whole, unprocessed foods.

  10. Psychological motivation: Embarking on a juice cleanse can serve as a psychological motivator to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and encourage individuals to make long-term dietary changes.


Always consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before starting any drastic dietary changes.

10 Ways A Women's Retreat Will Benefit You

Women’s retreats can be incredibly beneficial for personal growth, well-being, and overall empowerment. Here are ten reasons why women’s retreats are advantageous:

  1. Self-Care and Relaxation: Women’s retreats provide a dedicated time and space for self-care, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It allows women to step away from their daily responsibilities and prioritize their own well-being.

  2. Connection and Community: Retreats create an opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are on a similar journey. Building strong bonds and a supportive community can be immensely empowering and help foster lifelong friendships.

  3. Reflection and Self-Discovery: Retreats offer a chance for introspection and self-reflection. Through workshops, activities, and discussions, women can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their desires, and their purpose.

  4. Emotional Healing: Retreats often incorporate therapeutic activities such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices. These activities can aid in emotional healing, releasing stress, and addressing past traumas, allowing women to find inner peace.

  5. Skill Enhancement: Women’s retreats frequently provide workshops and classes aimed at enhancing various skills or interests. Whether it’s learning a new form of art, practicing mindfulness techniques, or developing leadership skills, retreats can facilitate personal and professional growth.

  6. Empowerment and Inspiration: Retreats often feature motivational speakers, experts, and coaches who inspire women to step into their power and live their best lives. They provide guidance, encouragement, and tools for empowerment that can be transformative.

  7. Physical Well-being: Many women’s retreats incorporate physical activities like yoga, hiking, or fitness classes. Engaging in these activities helps improve physical health, boosts energy levels, and promotes overall well-being.

  8. Digital Detox: Retreats often encourage participants to disconnect from technology and embrace a digital detox. This break from constant connectivity allows women to focus on themselves, be present in the moment, and cultivate a healthier relationship with technology.

  9. Stress Reduction: Being in a serene and peaceful environment away from everyday stressors can significantly reduce stress levels. Retreats provide an opportunity for women to recharge and develop coping mechanisms to manage stress effectively.

  10. Personal Transformation: Women’s retreats can be transformative experiences that lead to personal growth, increased self-confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose. They provide a supportive environment where women can explore their potential and embrace positive change.

Overall, women’s retreats offer a unique and valuable opportunity for women to invest in themselves, build connections, gain new insights, and return home with a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

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