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Be a Slimmed Down, Toned Up
Healthier, Happier & More Confident YOU

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I see you, trying hard to get back to a body you know and love.

The body that had tons of energy and could get through the day without pain or discomfort. 

The body that could be zipped into a little black dress or shimmy into a bathing suit and sail out the door, free to be, looking and feeling good. 

The body that used to carry you everywhere with confidence, has become the body that drags you into despair, even though you keep trying to change it, and constantly struggling to be kind to it.  

You want better health, more self-love, and more confidence.  You really do.  

It’s just that you’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked.  

Or it has worked for awhile, until you realize what you’re doing isn’t sustainable.  Too little food for fuel, too little time for hours and hours of working out, too little motivation to keep up the momentum.

Struggling with weight shouldn’t be this way but for some reason, it is. And THAT chapter is over!

Know this is for you, and you can’t wait to get started with a stronger, healthier, sexier feeling? Join the Reset Revolution Membership!

 You keep starting – a new diet, a new workout plan but you can’t seem to stick to anything for any length of time and ultimately, you just want it all to STOP. Humans weren’t designed to eat as little as possible, feel deprived or spend hours exercising in order to lose weight and get healthy. Yet that’s the path you’re on, and Iam here to show you how to STOP THAT BAT SHIT CRAZY DANCE and start actually enjoying working out and eating clean.

17 Minute Reset Workout is for you if...

You don’t know what to do, but you do know you want to STOP:

You’ve done all the positive self-talk, taken all the classes, read all the books, been on diet after diet, 

hoping and believing that this time, it will all be different.  This time, you’ll lose that weight and look and feel great.

But it still doesn’t happen, and you don’t know why.

Until finally, you give up and start to secretly resign yourself to the fact that you’ll never look or feel any differently than you do now.

I get it.

And that’s all about to change.

What if I told you that help, health and happiness is closer than you think? 

What if you changed the way you thought about nutrition and exercise as something you love to do because you have infinite amounts of love for yourself?

What if you tried one more time to get sleek, slimmer, strong and sexy?  

And without spending a ton of time or money to do that or sacrificing the simple pleasure of good food?

YOU – yes, you.  

Resistance Band Comparison Chart

 If you’re ready to wave BYE BYE to saggy and crepey skin on your arms, legs and belly, get rid of aches and pains, and feel more energetic and alive than you have in years, then click here to join us for the Reset Revolution! (And you can also say goodbye to that little underarm jiggle that happens when you wave.)

Still not sure if the Reset Revolution is for you?  Check out a few more of my clients who can’t stop raving about their results!

Read Sandra's Story

“I was tired of feeling and acting old”

“…I had known of Becca for about 5 years, when it got to the point that the doctors wanted to add more meds and I could barely get up or down on the floor. I had been hesitant to start, wondering if 17 minutes could actually make a difference. LET ME TELL YOU, Becca changed my life. I am a “powHER Beauty,” lifer as she affectionately calls us. I am off all of my meds, no longer have diabetes and I enjoy an active lifestyle, including hiking. I feel like she turned back the clock about 15 years (only healthier), and no more crepe skin on my arms or legs.”


Hey Girlfriend! Iam Becca Tebon, creator of the ridiculously amazing, super simple and ultra fun, 17 MINUTE RESET WORKOUT METHOD and POWHERBANDS™ Resistance Band Training system. For nearly 39 years I have been inspiring and changing the lives of 10’s of thousands of women. I started as a Certified Personal Trainer (back in 1983) to put myself through college. But my biggest accomplishment besides having three of the most beautiful inside & out, grown daughters, is that I have healed my 3 congenital health challenges (Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis, Chronic Pain due to degenerative disk disease found at age 7 and undiagnosed digestive problems that left me constipated, literally for the first 19 years of my life.  In 2012, I obtained my CHHC, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and have developed many programs to help others with similar challenges as myself. 

In 2013 I started using the 17 minute system and in 2017 I started my search for the perfect resistance bands to be incorporated, providing people everywhere an easy way to build, tone tighten their body while reducing harmful fat that contributes to the chronic obesity, diabetes and heart conditions that are found in epidemic prevalence across the USA and many parts of the world. 

I created this RESET™ for women like you who are 40+, have taken care of their family &/or working all their lives and have ignored their health, body and inner self. You know it’s your time to shine and show up for yourself! I, along with the rest of our RESET TRIBE are here to love on you and celebrate your success as you release weight (and baggage), eradicate top health challenges (Food relationship, diabetes, heart issues) and get stronger with your mind-body connection. 

YOU CAN EXPECT PURE MAGIC by committing to yourself for only 17 Minutes for 90, 120 … DAILY! 

I believe in you, and will help you build back your confidence and support your success.


A healthier, happier life is one step away

Discover how to lose weight and get fit WITHOUT dieting, starving or deprivation. Becca has been guiding and supporting people in their physical, mental and spiritual transformation and well-being for 4 decades and now it’s your turn!

Expertly Designed to Transform ANY Fitness Level!

Because you really can:

It’s time to show up for yourself

This is the way to change your body without sacrificing the foods you love, the fun you want to have or the faith that you really can redefine your health and physical appearance.

17 minutes per day/5x per week is all it takes!

(And all for less than you would spend buying yourself a cup of coffee a few times)

Yes, Becca!  I’m ready for the Reset Revolution!

I know the last thing you need is to add to your to-do list or find an hour or more in your calendar to get in a workout. That’s why the Reset Revolution is your opportunity to be one of the many women I’ve helped lose fat, tighten and tone, in only 17 minutes a day

So what can you expect when you join the Reset Revolution?

Not convinced that 17 minutes can change your body and your life?

Keep scrolling and read about women just like you, who had given up on the dream of being happy with their bodies, not enjoying an active life, on meds and in constant pain

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There’s a happier, healthier you just waiting to break free, and in 8 weeks, you’re going to introduce her to the world. 

Ready to see who you were always meant to be?

Then, don’t wait.  Join me now.  It’s so easy!  Just click below and you’re IN!

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