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One of the BEST things I ever did…

The Wizard of OZ

One of the BEST things I ever did. I realize there are many that are going through REALLY tough times and whatever you are going through can feel daunting. Maybe like you’re in a tornado, like Dorothy, in ‘The Wizard of Oz.” While I have a whole post on MY OZ THEORY, I would like to share a habit that I started that changed my life … actually SAVED MY LIFE, while I was at my all time lowest, dismal space. Iam sharing this because, perhaps, it will help you too.

So what is one of the BEST things I ever did when i was at my lowest? I began each day each day with an ‪#‎affirmation‬‪#‎intention‬ and ‪#‎gratification‬. The chant shown here is a powHERfull (and great for a guy too) combo of INTENTION & AFFIRMATION statements.

Change your mindset with affirmations, Intentions and thoughts of gratification.
Change your mindset with affirmations, Intentions and thoughts of gratification.

We must live with congruency, hence “stating something” that doesn’t resonate with you can feel out of whack, and false. However, tell yourself you have decided to change the direction of your life, your thinking and your destiny and that you are now your best warrior Diva (or Dude) and that you deserve to have all for the good of your being at the cellular level so that you can rise up and be your best. You are reshaping into the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Now, here’s the secret … THIS NEVER ENDS! Every day is a recommitment to be better. I renew mine every night before I go to sleep and set the intention for the next day… then guess what? I awaken with a refreshed feeling that I get to be better. It’s really THAT SIMPLE! Want more? Jump on my scope every Sunday Night (@beccatebonfit), signup for a 17-minute complimentary chat ( and join us around social media either BeccaTebon or Becca Tebon F.I.T.

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Light, Love & a Ton of Laughter,

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