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How To Manifest: Principle #1 (of 9)

Have you read, MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer? In it he teaches the NINE Spiritual Principles for creating your world.

Principle #1:Becoming Aware of your Highest Self

Becoming aware that we are all physical bodies in a material world AND non-physical beings living spirit-filled life. The latter, is when you recognize your purest and truest essence or “highest self.” It is at THIS STAGE when we are able to co-create (manifest) our circumstances. As Dr. Dyer taught, this is the stage when we become most aware that we are infinite, limitless, immortal beings, and that our external energy temporarily resides on our bodies. In essence, THIS is the time when we can detach from FEAR on a physical plane and become an observer of our world and enter it via a new dimension of consciousness.

Try this mantra: I have a divine ability to manifest & attract what I need & desire. Repeat daily with breath work every morning upon waking and each evening. This along with other tools will be taught in my all-new30 Day Temp Logo

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I will be sharing a new principle each week via my blog. Read all 9, and while you’re there feel free to grab my free gift, ” Flush The Flab” weekend detox, packed with recipes and waters you can make to help your body release toxins, ease digestion and remove a few unwanted pounds.


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