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Herbs & Oils That Keep The Colds Away

IMG_8584This remedy has a “tad” bit of alcohol, so not so good to give our kiddies, unless you are looking for a way to get them to sleep easily (or “comfortably”) when they aren’t feeling so great. 🙂

In ADDITION to my supplements, when myself or one of my girls’ gets the FIRST SIGNS of a cold (skin feels sensitive, nose get a little runny or a sore throat starts) i IMMEDIATELY get out the herbs & essential oils.

Join me this SUNDAY at 9:30p sharp. IN 17 Minutes,  I’ll share herbs and essential oils that can keep you and your loved ones feeling top notch through the HOHO season… So you’ll be laughing all the way!

#Periscope @BeccaTebonfit


Replays will be available:

via my website blog: Health

YOUTUBE: @BeccaTebonFit

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