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Healthy Holiday Hack: #1 Mandala Coloring

Healthy Holiday Hack: #1 Color

I like to color outside the lines.(smile) I remember as a child loving to color. I had SO MANY coloring books. I even loved coloring on walls, but that didn’t make my mom too happy. Her solution? She cleared out a space in my closet and I was allowed to adorn the walls with my special designs. I still like to color, i forgot how much I loved to color as a child. Recently, I colored a mandala with one of my children and at a “Wing Woman” event a few months ago our “homework” was to color a mandala. Read the article I shared below on some of the benefit of coloring!

Every day join me LIVE 2pm on facebook  & Periscope (@BeccaTebonFit) while I share a NEW Health Hack to help get you through this Holiday season with even more health, happiness and joy. Let’s successfully ease your stress and add more joy, fun and laughter. Learn to be more present, patient and less anxious. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more in control and less “busy?” It is possible. Grab golden nuggets to LOSE WEIGHT, tone and get in shape during the holidays in just minutes. Some of the health hacks I’ll be sharing, like coloring, may be new or something you haven’t tried before. I invite you to try them and let me know how much better you feel by commenting below. Healthy

According to an article written by Kaia Roman, on, coloring creates 5 key ways to increase our happy zone. Click on this link to grab your five free mandala downloads and start coloring your way to more happiness.

[arrows style=”arrow-6-2.png” align=”left”]

1. Reduces Anxiety

2. Distracts From Discomfort

3. Brings You Into The Present Moment

4. Exercises Your Brain in Healthy Ways

5. Provides a Natural High

6. Helps You Sleep Better

7. Taps Into Happy Memories


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