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How To STOP The HO-HOliday Foodfest (Read this!)


If any one of our natural instincts is not attended to you can be sure your HANGRY ODOMETER will rise, and you will be left defenseless, especially during the holiday season, IF you’re not prepared— and you’re not alone!!

What is HANGRY? It’s a trigger that is spiked when we are hungry. Usually an emotional trigger that is set off and shows up as an imposter wanting to be fed, food. When one or more of these emotional bursts occurs, it can set you into HANGRY and then…POOF! You find yourself licking your fingers clean after downing a bowl of ice cream, a bag of cookies, something creamy, crunchy, sugary or salty.

How To STOP The HO-HOliday Foodfest and FIGHT BACK against these feelings!

Those sugar gremlins are in full bloom, looming everywhere during the HOlidays! We’ve all experienced them. We can’t seem to go anywhere without smelling IT. You know what IT is! You have your favs! Name it now! Go on! Yell it out. Mine would have to be something with warm oozing chocolate. So, what causes some (errrr, MOST) of us to be weakened in our knees in the presence of sugary, sweet, mushy, crunchy, foods, like cakes, cookies and drinks? According to Dr. OZ, the culprit is our mind. So how do we switch our mindset? Iam going to give you a few tools to work on … and a quick remedy. (I bet you just want to skip to that quick remedy right now, don’t cha!)

Water. Drink more water. Most of the time you are truly THIRSTY when you are grabbing the energy filled candy bar. Dehydration causes us to feel tired, cranky and hungry.

Meditation. The holidays have an extra special way of creating a flurry of feeling that can become overwhelming.

Fiber. Increasing your fiber will cause you to feel fuller longer.

Exercise. Go for a 10 minute walk. You’ll be able to release some oxytocin and give yourself time to cool down.

Journal. Great time to grab a sticky note, write in your journal, send a note or share a dream.

Positive Thoughts. Turn your negative nelly thoughts onto something positive that happened or is about to happen.

Gratitude. Now, through a recent movement called positive psychology, mental health professionals are taking a close look at how virtues such as gratitude can benefit our health. And they’re reaping some promising results. Grateful people — those who perceive gratitude as a permanent trait rather than a temporary state of mind — have an edge on the not-so-grateful when it comes to health, according to Emmons’ research on gratitude.

Learn How To Access Your Hunger Using The Scale Below

I recommend the best way to start and end your day is with a thought of gratefulness about someone or something — NOT FOOD or ANGER! — xoxo, Coach Becca



“If you look back into your adversities and groom your lessons, you’ll awaken to the purpose & path!” – Becca Tebon


Becca Tebon: Mom, Coach, National Holistic Health, Certified Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Trainer, Detox Expert, Author, Inspirational Speaker and God’s Girl at work & play! Looking for ways to improve your health or happiness meter? Connect with Becca Tebon for a complimentary health assessment.




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