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Becca's Philosophy

Learn about Becca's unique approach to fitness.

Becca is the founder of Becca Tebon FIT where she provides holistic health, fitness, and lifestyle programs packed with time-tested proven and easy to follow strategies, pure inspiration and personalized guidance. She don’t believe in diets or deprivation, and thinks exercise should be pleasurable, not a punishment. She promotes a 17 minute workout a day program and invites you to join her live and learn how to implement 17 minutes a day into your life.

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30 Day Fitness Challenge

With bountiful positive, self-affirming thoughts supercharging your attitude, healthy and nutritious food fueling your body on full-octane, now we turn the focus to loving your diva bod, toning & tightening your temple so you’ll feel even more confident.

You'll Get:

-Becca’s W.O.W. [Women-Only-Workouts] … Yes, guys love it too! Created for women who don't like to go to the gym, haven’t workout out in a while and want to start slowly, TOO BUSY and looking for a fast & fun way to get your body rocking around their schedule!
-Just 17-Minutes-a-day of Energy-Boosting routines, loved by women who HATE working out!
-Quick and easy to follow exercises for the Best Butt, Toned Thighs, Flat Belly and Amazingly Sexy Arms.
-Fitness activities (no pushing weights required) that are fun for YOU! Yesssss— I bet you’ll be addicted!
-Proper body alignment instruction to prevent injury

Hire Becca for 1-on-1 Workouts
Hire Becca for customized one on one workout sessions either in person or via Zoom. Customized workouts are $97/hour with packages available on request.
Hire Becca for your next Corporate Event
You Just Found Your Next High Energy, Edu-taining Speaker!!! Bundle a Speaker with Engaging Delivery, Informative Content and Entertaining Style and You Can Be Sure Your Next Venue Will Be One That Does More Than Inspires… It Will Change Lives! Becca is available for Keynote Speaking, Corporate Events, Motivational, Corporate Fitness Outings, TV appearances, Radio interviews & Fitness Modeling.

Workout with Me Live Anywhere
Becca’s W.O.W. [Women-Only-Workouts] … Yes, guys love it too! This special prepays for January – March when we launch this new live fitness program via Zoom! Once you sign up, you will get details via email.

You can do anything for just 17 Minutes!…and these workouts are so much fun

3 Days of easy workouts just for you!

I’ve set up this FREE Fitness Challenge especially for my BEGINNERS to start taking ACTION and better care of yourself! Each workout is 17 minutes!! My fitness enthusiasts, who cannot make time for the gym — you’ll love these short, workouts too! Do them first thing in the morning. Just set your alarm 25 minutes earlier. Wash your face and put on your sneakers (if you want). Take it to your fitness level! I’ll show you how to add a challenge and protect your knees & back!

Download the F.I.T. App!

F.I.T.™ was designed for my personal clients!

As well as those who want a coach that will keep them on track, provide tangible easy to follow exercises and a program that gets results.... EVERY TIME Guaranteed!!! Use this free version for as long as you want. It’s packed with tools, tactics and information that will be sent daily to keep you on track for your health & fitness goals!
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