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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Proven Guide To Losing Weight, Belly Bulge and Baggage

About the Book

Finally, a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDEBOOK (monthly new habits) that helps you create your unique healthy, happy & productive plan. We are all bio-individual, we are not a one-size fits all. This workbook-style takes you on a journey of AWARENESS, ACTIVATION AND ACHIEVEMENT. It is based on a course that has been successfully used guide people to new self discovery  so they can attain and advocate their own health and true happiness. Nourish was created to be a stand alone or supplement Becca’s 12 WEEK CREATE YOUR BEST DAY program. Take my hand and let’s take the baby steps to NOURISH your life from eating and exercise to your medicine cabinet, essential oils, greening your home & garden, to learning how to drop guilt, resentment and shame… and HOW TO MAKE CHANGES THAT STAY… and STAY WITH YOUR CHANGES!! A workbook-style — chapter-by-chapter with area on each page to take notes and a summary at the end of each chapter for your ACTION PLAN!

  • Do you have difficulty meeting your weight loss goals and struggle with weight loss setbacks like vacations or special occasions?
  • Do you ever struggle with overeating?
  • Do you sometimes feel frustrated with your food choices?
  • Do you make fitness resolutions over and over, only to see your efforts fizzle out? 
  • Are you confused with how to meal prep to save time in the kitchen and have a ready source of health food?  
  • Do you feel motivated, but your behavior doesn’t match your intentions? 

GET THE RESULTS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED! I’m a certified Holistic Nutrition and Fitness Specialist, as well as  life coach, and this book is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Achieve your happiest weight
  • End addictive overeating 
  • Love and accept yourself
  • Find freedom and live your truth

How This Book Can Change Your Life

  • 7  Powerful Habits that Will Literally Change Your Life
  • 17 Minutes To A Slimmer, Healthier & Happier YOU!
  • Get my Tips on Effortless Weight Loss 
  •  Healthify your Pantry and Home
  • Learn the Art & Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Practice Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Have Your Carbs & Eat Them too! Food combining & planning.
  • Kick Fat & Fatigue to the curb for good.
  • Heal your Body with Herbs
  • Bye-bye belly bloat, gas and pain.
  • Inflammation busters! 
  • Sleep like a baby.

Pre-Order Now

Pre–Sale Only $19.97 [e-book Christmas Delivery]

Hard Cover $35.99 (Sent January)

154 Pages

12 Fast Read Chapters (8-12 pages each)

About the author

Becca, founder of Becca Tebon FIT (Fearless Integrative Transformations), went from being sickly since birth, to releasing all of her meds as an adult, by self learning about holistic healing practices and the energy of food, herbs and essential oils. Becca’s half full cup emptied quickly when in 90 days she faced divorce, her dad’s passing and being hit by a car while cycling. She understand the true meaning of bleak, devastated and done! While praying to God, with her last thoughts, she was ready to go home to be with her dad. God’s plan changed everything. She learned what being obedient meant, and reshaped her life with a purpose to serve and heal others, after healing her body and caching her personal fears to the curb, She became a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach, adding to her Certified Personal Trainer/ Group Exercise Instructor and Lifestyle Advocacy, author and keynote speaker and emcee that gets the room jumping (literally). She has helped thousands shed weight, sabotaging baggage, regain their health, release chronic pain, digestive struggles, asthma and poor relationships with food and self. Becca skillfully resets habits, using a combination of science-based fitness, food, mindset and ingredients from mother nature. Want more out of life, but stuck not feeling balanced? Learn to FLOW, GROW and BE. Nourish your mind, body & soul.

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