17 students


Welcome, My Beauties To Your 21 Day Healthy Foodfest Experience!


At this time we will get a handle on our eating! Let’s take it one bite at a time! Literally

Week #1: Infusing Plant-based Foods Into our Meals

Week#2: Infusing Raw Foods Into our Meals

Week #3: Using a Meal Replacement Protein Drink as our Break Fast Meal


There aren’t a lot of rules but there are guidelines. Each week I will provide specific goals and recipes for you. They can be adapted to meet your particular needs. For example, if you can’t tolerate grains then adapt this to your needs. If you are like me and thrive with grains eat more. If you need more calories, eat nuts, seeds, avocado, etc. If you need to lose weight lessen those high-calorie-to-fat plant-foods (more on this later).


I am asking you to rate yourself every day and share it with the group. No judgments, but this will aid in your accountability. Step Up!

3 Points = I rocked it       2 Points = I did OK, I can do better        1 Points = I am not giving up

Each day I’ll create a thread and you’ll report in and tell me how many points you earned for the day. We would love to see your pictures too.

I’ll keep a tally and each week  I’ll (discreetly) post the rankings, for example, Suzy Q., Jane D.


I am working on arranging giveaways from sponsors for participants. A few already procured!

We will have weekly Video Chat (Save this link) using zoom where you can ask questions and get support.

I will be breaking down the MYTHS and FACTS on Proteins, Carbs, Fats, Fiber … and yes, Water too! And YES, it will be IF (Intermittent Food) based. Feel free to substitute my plant-based options with meat options if this is your choice, but do INFUSE more plant-based meals in maybe shoot for 5 per week to start.

Warm Healthy Hugs,