Counting Down The Days Til School Starts

Counting Down The Days Til School Starts

I remember counting down the days till school started, after a perfect (and sometimes loooong feeling) summer.

My county opened their school doors exceptionally early this year, ridiculously early. However, this year, public school start dates…. it affect me personally, only professionally. Just a little differently after 23 years of raising my school aged beauties.

Iam busy with my youngest off three beauties, as we will be trekking to her new “home” at an amazing college. You can count on me sharing much more on the EMPTY NEST EXPERIENCE in the coming months, as i learn to navigate a new journey as a soulpreneur without any children (adults) in my home or any 24/7 daily responsibility (although always a parent). Hence, no car lines, figuring out school uniforms, getting up early to prepare hot breakfasts or packing lunch boxes like the other moms, dads and guardians. No short days running back to pick up lines or canceling clients bc my child is sick and needs to come home. No more running to school to drop off forgotten homework assignments that didn’t make it into the binder or folder… and no more chats at dinner time, or running to soccer fields or watching ganes in the rain or freezing (yes FLA gets cold).

Blessed with three children that were 4 & 2 years apart meant, i typically had 3 schools to take them to and pick up from – except middle school and a little high school i’d try to use the bus system, but was over crowded and unsafe when my two youngest went to school… so I’d drive at least one way to 1 school and 2 ways to 2 schools. I WON’T MISS THE CAR LINES, but will miss the conversions. Do not it’s time to scale 17 MINUTE WORKOUTS and let my personal passions soar into my professional life on a bigger level.

Feeling a bit teary as i write this, after all being a mom has been my greatest challenge this far … and JOY! Thank you to my three amigos for supporting my passions, believing in me and teaching me even more about myself. Thank you to all of my friends and family who have held my hand, supported my heart during times of distress and reminded me that “IAM A ROCK” and can get IT done! Thank you to YOU who is reading this and grown alongside me… We have BIG THINGS TO DO (in the words of my greatest mentor and buddy, Bill Walsh).

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