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Develop Your Wellness Program From the Ground Up or Supplement It With Workshops, Monthly Challenges or Leadership Retreats

In cultivating a work-life balance, employers are seeking greater results by placing an emphasis on preventive care and overall employee wellness. It’s clear that
investment in a wellness program delivers positive results. Hence, Holistic Corporate Wellness Programs are a demand in Corporate America today.

We’ve been involved in the Wellness industry since 1983. Starting out in the fitness industry, competing in body building and teaching packed classes for over 30 years, we transitioned to meet the needs of Corporate America incorporating our philosophy of impacting one person at a time, so that they may in turn impact hundreds. We are all bio-individual, yet come together as one, in mind, body and source when we work within the umbrella of a corporate umbrella. We’ve workshops and will custom-tailor to your corporate culture to support:

“Stress Management Made Simple”
Stress is the number one issue impacting employee productivity. The annual cost of employee stress in terms of lost productivity is more than $300 billion for American employers. The impact of employee stress reduces their own productivity and can affect co-workers, employee morale, absenteeism and your business. Using assessment tools, goal setting, study guides, and personal coaching, our stress management plan focuses on stress with an emphasis on changing attitudes, expectations and methods of coping.

“Health Eating at Work”
We can oversee onsite meal programs, recipes for home use, cooking demonstrations, meal portions, making healthy choices, monthly competitions

“Kicking Unhealthy Habits To The Curb” (i.e.,: Smoking, Drinking, Anger) with coaching programs and workshops.

“Weight Management”
29 percent of American employees are obese. Medical costs for these employees are 77 percent higher than for their healthy-weight co-workers. For many, weight management is an ongoing, life-long struggle. My system is a non-diet approach to weight management with a focus on multiple lifestyle behaviors including nutrition habits, exercise, and lifestyle practices. The emphasis is on long-term, personalized support. It’s always fun to have competitions, host outings, leadership retreats and weekend bootcamps.

These programs, along with others crafted exclusively around your specific needs, will:

  1. increase productivity
  2. increase employee moral
  3. boost perception of workplace satisfaction
    decrease absenteeism
  4. reduce the need for medical care increase
  5. employee’s desire to live a healthier lifestyle.    

Shared success stories to inspire such as:

  • Improving quality time with children.
  • Losing weight and encouraging,“If I can do it, you can too!”
  • Changing their evening routines to get more quality sleep, which increased their energy for work and life.
  • Incentives based on participation awareness and bring attention to offerings.

A Culture of Wellbeing.

Innovative organizations are moving towards a more organic “culture of wellbeing” that takes into account the social, psychological, and physical health of employees, in the belief that such programs will engender a more positive and productive workforce that will boost the bottom line.

This holistic approach requires that the calculations for “return on investment” (ROI) for wellness programs go far beyond how well they reduce health care costs. Companies committed to nurturing a culture of wellbeing look for low turnover rates, a wider choice of top candidates for job openings, fewer absences, and increases in sales and productivity. They measure job satisfaction, recruitment, and retention of workers.

Combines a wide range of initiatives, opportunities and incentives designed to help employees achieve their “well-being goals” in five broad areas: Career, Social, Financial, Community and Physical.

Creating a culture of health at work does not have to cost a lot of money, but it does require a deep commitment from the CEO down. Research on what makes a really great worksite wellness program continues, with efforts funded by the Center for Disease Control and other groups that strive to identify the most valuable elements of healthy workplaces.

Fitness, like safety and quality, requires an “enterprise,” rather than a tactical solution. Businesses have the power to help support employees and their families not only at work, but also away from the 9-5 world. Buy in and support from all levels in an organization are critical to success. Removal of barriers; providing adequate time and physical enhancements like walking paths, bike racks, space for group yoga, or other fitness activities; and most importantly seeing senior leadership “walking the walk” will empower employees to make the right decisions about their personal wellness and other behavioral choices, as well.

The wellness program can be achieved in basically two ways. We are recommending a MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE with the potential of 3 tiers (Free & paid), discussed further down in this correspondence. Scenario #1: The website can be housed on our server and our team or your in-house team creates &/or maintains from files supplied, shared or created by Becca Tebon F.I.T. and files are duplicated with private labeling &/or co-branding with Corporation & Becca Tebon F.I.T.. Hence files belong to Becca Tebon F.I.T. Scenario #2: The website is housed on Corporation’s server and their in-house team creates/maintains from duplicated files supplied and leased by Becca Tebon F.I.T. with private labeling & co-branding with CLIENT/Becca Tebon F.I.T. We will establish THREE TIERS  (names synced to your mission or other programming): The pricing is not etched in stone, as I believe the next level of communication and amount you wish to commit will dictate. Each preceding tier inclusions will be furnished within the higher level proceeding tiers. Retainer is based on a various criteria, including; amount of programming, coaching and events, number of employees, programming needed for tiers, and corporate level events

LEVEL ONE (free) Monthly company-wide challenges, access to videos & weekly Mobile App Aspiration & Health Messages Each month a new THIS LEVEL CHALLENGE will be provided via video &/or email to those who have signed up through the database. LEVEL TWO (PAID) Access to videos, weekly Mobile App Aspiration & Health Messages, Weekly Mojo group call, teleseminars/webinars, Journal ($47 value). Each month a new LEVEL TWO THEME will be provided via live webinar and available for replay then email to those who have signed up through the database. LEVEL THREE ($$) Access to videos, webinars, weekly Mobile App Aspiration & Health Messages, Weekly Mojo group call, teleseminars/webinars, Journal & 30 minute holistic coaching call. Each month a new LEVEL THREE will have access to all of the above, however, they will have a :30 minute session for which they can use for LIFE, HEALTH or FITNESS coaching session, again available to those who have signed up through the database.

Monthly challenges will be devised by Becca Tebon and can be facilitated by both Becca and include in-house HR or coordinator. Development of print collateral, such as posters, flyers, workbooks to newsletter, email, awards & plaques. Examples 10 Month Challenge Topics (December & August will not have NEW Challenges as families are typically very busy – TBD) THE KICKSTARTER—10 Day Cleanse: 10 Ways in 10 Days To Self Care  (10 Ways In 10 Days to Detoxify Your Body, Business & Brain) 30 Day Walk/Jog Challenge 30 Day Manifest More: Meditation Challenge 30 Day The Power Of Now: Gratification Challenge 30 Day Affirmation Challenge 30 Day Smoothie Challenge: Getting Green & Lean 30 Day No Sugar Challenge 30 Day Happiness Challenge 30 Day Team Building Challenges 30 Day Envision Board Workshop: Create Your Best Life 30 Day Mindful Mapping: The Busy Persons Way To Greater Productivity & Achievement 30 Day Squat, push-up, crunch or plank Challenge

PERSONAL TRAINING :30 Minute Fitness Coaching/Training PERSONAL HEALTH/LIFE ASSESSMENTS :90 Minute inclusive session with 2 assessments and holistic practices discussed that help determine underlying challenges.

With 4 different memberships, you can choose the one that fits your time and budget.

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