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Celebrity Detox by Becca Tebon— Drop 3-7 pounds, Reduce Tummy Bulge & Carb Cravings!!

Congrats, You’re Almost In …What a Difference 3 Days Can Make! You can lose 5-11 pounds — Average is 5 pounds!   WOO-HOO! Real Easy Celebrity Detox. Have I got a truly amazing tummy trimming COMPLETE PROGRAM for you that celebrities use! We’ll embark on this YUMMY & EASY journey of health and empowerment saying “YES” to yourself (The 1st and most important decision). My promise you will not feel hungry nor HANGRY (hungry & angry)! You will see a noticeable change in your belly AND…  even feel better, healthier & happier ——— IN JUST 3 DAYS! You will see and feel improvements in your Body (trimmer waistline & energy) & Brain (less fog, tiredness and moodiness) which will result in an even better Life & Business! Real Easy Celebrity Detox YOU ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE!!! and if you’re like most people, you put your needs last. I will help you schedule (aka: hold you accountable) to “ME-TIME” and recreate a schedule that allows you to eat healthier and start living even bigger! Best part, it’ll probably cost you less than you were spending before to eat my special menu in this 3 Day Detox! Benefits Of This Detox:

  • Appetite will decrease
  • Adios to belly bulges, bloating & gas
  • Eliminate carb & sugar cravings
  • Improved focus and mental clarity (less brain fog & forgetfulness)
  • Anti-Aging
  • Stronger Immune System – infections and disease thrive in an acidic environment
  • Better digestion & elimination
  • Better overall mood (equals better relationships)
  • Natural bodyweight loss
  • Increase in energy & vitality!!!

This is what you can expect from doing the CELEBRITY DETOX…

  • You’re going to feel an overwhelming increase in energy and avoid afternoon burnout…
  • You’re going to think sharper all day long…
  • You’re going to see clear vibrant skin…
  • You’re going to get over those crippling food cravings…
  • You’re going to balance your hormones…
  • You’re going to reduce your stress and feel healthier and more balanced mentally and emotionally…
  • And ultimately, you will get rid of dangerous toxins that accumulate in your body so you can renew your body’s natural homeostasis of optimal health and perfect balance.

WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO & WHAT IAM GOING TO DO: BECCA: Provide all the tools, shopping lists, How To’s, and Daily Accountability  YOU:  Check your email (it’ll arrive within 15 minutes). DOWNLOAD & READ your packet and pick-up any items you need at the market.    Iam so looking forward to our time together and feel blessed to be on this journey with you! Let’s get revved up and slimmed down!! Fill out the sign-up box to the right, then read the “DO THIS NOW” & “What You Will Do” boxes below so you can be sure you find my VIP 3 Day Detox in your email (they are so pesky lately!) xx, Becca   BONUS! THIS DETOX IS GEARED TO START CLEANSING THE COLON & PROVIDING A MORE ALKALINE BODY! From the delicious soup and juice/smoothie recipes to the waters, you will begin the VERY important process of alkalizing your bod. A BODY THAT IS pH balanced  and gets proper oxygen, is able to release inflammation and reduce the risks of cancer. Inflammation is the root to all dis-eases![/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title=”DO THIS NOW! So You Can Be Sure You Get Your 3 Day Detox In Your Email Box!” el_id=”1445331469226-9ba7e9e5-531b”]You’ll receive a welcome letter via email! If you’re a GMAIL’er don’t forget to update your tabs! Here’s how to make sure my messages land in your inbox… Real Easy Celebrity Detox  Step 1:  Find an email from me. Tip: Make sure to check ALL of your tabs (ex.Primary, Social, Promotions) Step 2: Of the email is in your “Promotions” tab, drag it to your “Primary” tab Step 3: When the question pops up about doing the for future messages, click “yes”! If you don’t receive your email within 15 minutes email my team at[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What You Will Do!” el_id=”1445331729905-d32c7747-f568″]

  1. Be prepared & keep it simple! Go food shopping & prepare the recipes on Sunday. Be sure to have either mason jars, glass or BPA-free plastic storage containers. Get everything on the shopping list! In the next program, I’ll take you through some of my “cheat” meals (no not sugary C.R.A.P.) — How I prepare gourmet-styled healthy meals in 10-30 minutes.
  2. Make a schedule & stick to it! Use the schedule I have created to help you NOURISH your body at the right time. And…. NO EATING AFTER 7:30p. You have to fast for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. And — you’ll learn which meal is your largest to help boost your metabolism and reset your clock.
  3. What else do you need? You’ll need a pack of sticky notes! I love them and LIVING in a state of Gratitude, WRITING out our Intentions, POSTING powerful Affirmations and allowing peaceful breath work in Meditation or Prayer are all KEYS to your success.
  4. Clear the C.R.A.P! Remove temptation from the game! Box or gift away Carbonated soda, Refined sugary products, Artificial & Processed “food”
  5. Print & Review your welcome packet immediately! Real Easy Celebrity Detox

With 4 different memberships, you can choose the one that fits your time and budget. Which membership works best for you? Join Now.

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