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This is more than just a jump start to weight loss, this is a head start to a lifestyle shift!

Celebrity Detox Intake Form. Once you’re all sign up, you’ll receive a welcome letter (via email) containing the download link for your CELEBRITY DETOX GUIDEBOOK— you’re gonna want to REPEAT this AWESOME PROCESS 2x per year!

Let me know how I can help you STAY on task now or in the future!  Hey, Iam available to help with some extra guidance and support !! You have accountability (Two 15-minute calls— before & after) with this program so please book  your first call with me here.


Please fill out the form below before we have your first accountability call. It will help ensure our team provides you with the best experience and most efficient results specifically for you!

Facebook Group

Be sure to join us in our Facebook group here for accountability, support, sharing your wins and for daily updates of new health, fitness and mindset information from Becca Tebon. Be sure to tag @BeccaTebon if you want her to respond. Woohoo! Let’s Rock this!

With 4 different memberships, you can choose the one that fits your time and budget.

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Discover how to lose weight and get fit WITHOUT dieting, starving or deprivation. 17 Minute Workouts.

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