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Blast Off! Ignition of Your F-Game!

Ignition of Your F-Game
Ignite Your “F” Game

Feeling like it’s been a LONG time since you truly felt like all systems were turned on?  Ignition of Your F-Game. I know it’s cliche, but, “Are you tired of feeling tired?” Waking up to the thought that you’re not really accomplishing anything. Wondering what your TRUE NORTH purpose is? Looking in the mirror only to stare in wonderment of “what’s so great about the person Iam looking at.”

I get that. Been there. Lived it. And had someone throw it in my face daily, not supportive or nurturing. But I also in the interim found a NEW TRUTH! Yup,  we can’t depend on others for our inner peace nor blame them for not being supportive. This has to come from within. How does one make the shift? Well that my friend, is shared in my 6 week program. Regain a feeling of empowerment, control and start taking decisive action to support your focus, food, fitness, freedom and fun factors.

Baby-steps. The reason people fail at making changes, is because they want to snap their fingers and have it all changed at once. You and I both know that is not a LIFESTYLE CHANGE that is a band-aid. It took some time to get you into the place you are in now, and it will take more than a snap and “I dream of genie head nod” to make the changes that will develop a lasting path, a beautiful and aspiring path … a path that makes you smile when you go to sleep and awaken feeling alive, vibrant and refreshed.

To find out how I can support you, I invite you to take my 15-minute complimentary consult. In this time we can discuss specific health, fitness or personal issues that you want to see changed. No one can do it alone. (click on the scheduler that pops up)

“We are specks of sand paving the way for others, but not to be walked on.” ~ Becca Tebon

I can’t wait to IGNITE YOUR “F” GAME!

Yours in Faith, Focus, Food, Fitness, Friendship, Fashionista & Fun,

Becca Tebon

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