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Beginner FITionary… 6 Simple Steps To Get Started Exercising

fitness lingo. People ask me all the time where to start and the most important thing is to start with the basics. Keep it simple and make your workout time NON-NEGOTIABLE. That means, that it is a commitment that shouldn’t be changed because of something else that can be scheduled at another time. LIFE happens, and THINGS must take precedence SOMETIMES, however, my promise to you is if you keep your workout simple, and make it one of the first things you do, you will feel better, look better and FEEL EMPOWERED to conquer all of the “other stuff” that pops up.

I’m stripping away the frills and taking you back to the basics — get started in your home with my 3-Day Challenge, just perfect for YOU!! I’ve created Beginner Workouts to get you started and get you sweating today! No mud required. I promise! In 17 minutes you will start getting the burn you need to create the body you want. And the secret is simply:

  1. Start Slow. Don’t over do it! Start from where you are. Pat yourself in the back and set weekly schedules and goals.
  2. No Scale. Do weigh in, take BEFORE pictures and measurements. But then only take pictures every 2 weeks and weigh yourself monthly (or every 2 weeks if you really must). My clients favorite thing to do is to try on clothes that hadn’t fit and see how much better they look. The scale isn’t always an accurate measure of toning and strengthening.
  3. Build Gradually. I offer many ideas to do each body part. Challenge yourself to the next level when you’re ready.
  4. Mix It Up. Add bands, stairs, outdoor activities, like kayaking, hiking, biking, pilates, yoga, weights, stadium steps or any of the other 100 ideas out there.
  5. Eat Clean. I have plenty of programs to walk you through detoxes and ways to EAT YUMMY REAL FOOD and tons of recipes too.30 Day Healthy Habit Reset is a perfect place to start!! Please peruse my blogs for yummy recipes, and ways to ENJOY your food. Watch those portion sizes… they can be the culprit. I have a great system to help monitor and keep you accountable— we all need a partner when we’re shifting stinking habits and repetitively punishing ourselves. Time to dance GIRL FRIEND!!

Watch daily mindful small changes equate to BIG RESULTS!!

• Make Healthy Living Easier
• Find Healthy Food Faster
• Shift your Mindset About Fitness
• Set Goals that You Can Achieve

Get started with your workouts! Totally free & totally awesome! Only 3-Days! You can do this!!! Click here to get it now! fitness lingo

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