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Plant-based Pumpkin Carrot Protein Bars (Gluten-free)

Health up your dessert this Thanksgiving (or any time of the year) with these super clean, healthy Plant-based Pumpkin Carrot Protein Bars (Gluten-free). They are like having pumpkin pie or carrot cake, two of my favorite desserts — ALL IN ONE. I love the protein aspect, which can help curb cravings. 🙂 YUP! 8 grams

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1-Pot Pumpkin Yellow Curry

This simple curry requires just 1 pot to make! It all starts with a gorgeous pumpkin, which is peeled, seeded, and cubed into bite-size chunks. Do not be intimidated. PREP TIME: 15 minutes COOK TIME: 30 minutes TOTAL TIME: 45 minutes   If you love: Creamy, Subtly spiced, pumpkin, Vegetable-rich, Hearty, Satisfying, Comforting, and delicious— I think you’ll love

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Kickin’ Chipotle Pumpkin Vegan Burger

This tasty Kickin’ Chipotle Pumpkin Veggie Burger is quick, easy, and a total crowd pleaser! This veggie burger is vegan, gluten-free, freezer-friendly and 100% delicious! This creation is a pumpkin and white bean fusion laced with bold, smoky chipotle peppers and a blend of spices. It’s not too spicy (though you can amp up the

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One Pot, 5-Ingredient, Sweet Potato Bean Chili (Vegan)

You all know I am crazed for sweet potato bean chili and black beans — anyway and any time for any meal! This chili marries them perfectly. This one-pot vegan Meal is perfect, easy, fast, and a total YUM factor! It’s literally five ingredients, and you might have most of them in your cupboard right now:

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Vegetarian Mock Chopped Liver

Vegetarian Mock Chopped Liver. I know what you’re thinking, GROSS! Like why would I even post such food? The first reason I am sharing a recipe for chopped liver is, I am plant-based-flexitarian and love to show people how to incorporate clean, healthy alternatives into their lives the bigger answer is #CHOPPEDLIVER is served at

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Best Baked Spaghetti Squash [vegan]

Best Baked Spaghetti Squash. I noticed that there are quite a few different ways that people suggest cooking spaghetti squash. Here are the suggested methods: Baked or microwaved whole Steamed in a pan of water in the oven Sliced into rings and baked Halved lengthwise or crosswise, baked cut-side up or down I have a

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Savory, Healing (LOADED) Lentil Soup and Plant-based

This Detox Turmeric Lentil Soup is a simple, healthy and hearty meal that’s great for digestion and the liver. Easy to make, packed with protein and delicious! I love this savory, healing (loaded) lentil soup even in the midst of summer! I do feel like the term “detox” has a bad connotation in the health

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The Easiest Homemade, Gluten-free, Light & Crunchy Granola

This easy homemade gluten-free granola recipe is the perfect morning or mid-day treat loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and protein! It is a great refined sugar-free granola recipe that is a staple in our kitchen. You won’t spend money on store-bought granola again! Plus, you’ll get my secret for crunchy granola clusters! Creds to Minimalist Baker.

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ABC’s of Magnesium from Sleep to Stress and Everything In Between

Magnesium from Sleep to Stress. Magnesium is well-known for building strong bones, relaxing our minds and muscles, and supporting bowel regulation. However, the benefits go so far beyond that; magnesium has a role in over 300 biochemical processes in our body, as it is the 4th most abundant mineral in our body! This is mostly

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Her Happy Hormone Smoothies

Aging gracefully and mindfully means keeping our hormone balance healthy and happy. This can be quite a balancing act!  Hormone balance. At least 3X a week I will be asked if there are any natural ways to help lower estrogen levels. There is no one-and-done answer, listen some levels are affected by other things such

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Metabolism Facts and Fail-Proof Tools To Lose Weight Now

how to lose weight fast . There is no “One and done” to lose weight. We talk about metabolism like it’s something we can manipulate by gulping a pill, downing some green tea, running faster, or blaming it on genetics You’ve seen the articles headlined “Boost your metabolism” or “Try this high-metabolism diet to lose

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Running POWHERFULLY: Some Prep Tips

How to prepare for a 5k race.Running had always been a place of relief for me. How to prepare for a 5k race.  I didn’t use the term “stress” back in my college days, but running was my “go-to” when I wanted to “get away.” — Becca Tebon   I remember the night before a

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