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My Antidepressant Smoothie

green smoothie. While life’s challenges appear all consuming, many find it hard to find a ‘happy place,’ and even more find #sleep and #anxiety  to be two major problems. When sleep is deprived, the cycle of depression, anxiety, confusion and inability to focus become even more predominant… and the cycle deepens. Specific hormones don’t release, the bodies ability to repair and rebuild is compromised and soon we find our bodies tired, gaining belly fat, having digestive problems, aches increase and many reach for over the counter meds, prescribed meds, coffee to simulate, etc


If you are already taking supplements (or not), I recommend this GREEN SMOOTHIE:

1 Tbsp. — Kelp powder or 1 Tbsp. Magnesium Citrate powder

1 cup — Organic, Fresh (or frozen) pineapple, mango, orange or lemon

1 handful — Fresh parsley or watercress

1 Tbsp. kelp powder or 1 Tbsp. Magnesium Citrate powder in your daily Green Smoothie for an added magnesium boost. Kelp is the highest food in magnesium, weighing in at 760 milligrams of Magnesium per 3 ½ ounces or 100 g serving. Vitamin C is another natural antioxidant. If you add fresh pineapple, mango, orange or lemon to your daily Green Smoothie, you’re getting plenty of Vitamin C. Dark, leafy green vegetables are also a high source of Vitamin C. Add a handful of fresh parsley or watercress to your Green Smoothie to get your natural boost of daily Vitamin C.

I also recommend taking 500 mg of L-Tryptophan at night before bed and 500 mg of L-Tyrosine in the morning before breakfast. These 2 key amino acids are also great for anyone who just quit smoking and is going through the transition off of nicotine. Tryptophan and Tyrosine are both amino acids that help with mood elevation and balancing. Tryptophan stimulates the brain to make its own serotonin, and that in turn helps you relax and improves sleep. Tyrosine triggers the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine, the ‘alertness chemicals,’ and those help to stimulate focused brain thought and improved concentration. All of this will help with any feelings of depression.

For more help getting through a tough transition, overcoming sleepless nights, or dealing with anxiety, mood or chronic fatigue, schedule your complimentary call with me. Let’s getting your life FLOWING!! <3

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