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A Strong & Lean Body Starts In A Clean & Organized Kitchen

Kitchen Clean-Up!

Clean & Organized Kitchen. Have you always thought EATING CLEAN would bounce your budget and was just far too expensive? I know it’s thought to be, however below are TIPS to achieve the biggest bang for your buck so you can fuel your temple. A Strong & Lean Body Starts In A Clean & Organized Kitchen. I promise, and you will see IMMEDIATELY, how better, cleaner food provides improved focus, the ability to manifest your thoughts and creations (i.e. daily intentions, affirmations), weight loss and eliminate added toxins from food sources, such as herbicides, insecticides, and hormones to name a few. Here’s a few ways to fuel up your pantry and refrigerator without spending a butt load of your moola.

SHOPPING LOCALLY. Depending on where you live, farmer’s markets cut costs by buying directly from the farmer because you cut out the middle man. You’re also helping your local economy, and contributing to less trucking (greener living) so it’s a win all the way around.

Tip: You can sometimes get an even better price on items at farmers markets if you shop late in the day.

BUY SEASONALLY. When its comes to fruits and vegetables, buy items that are in season. It’s always cheaper to purchase seasonal produce.

BUY FROZEN. Many times frozen organics are less expensive and of course convenient, especially when out of season. I am not too keen about the taste of frozen vegetables but experiment yourself. I love frozen berries (all kinds) and mangoes.

ORGANIZE YOUR PANTRY. Before you head off to the grocery store, shop your pantry and fridge. This will keep you from unintentionally buying duplicate items and plan for the things you NEED for the week!

JOIN A CSA. Community Supported Agriculture, allows you to support your local farmer up front at the beginning of the growing season and you’ll receive a box of produce every week throughout the entire season. It ends up being a cheaper (and FUN) way to get your local vegetables every week. It’s a little bit of a mystery because you never know exactly what you’ll get.

PLANT A GARDEN. Growing your own vegetables is not only economical, but it’s a satisfying experience the whole family can do together. You can grow vegetables in containers indoors, in gutters attached to fencing and so many other really creative contraptions, like using over the door shoe holders for herbs! It doesn’t have to be a super time commitment. Start small, with 3-5 herbs or crops!

NOTE: CLEANSE YOUR BODY TOO! My clients routinely cleanse and detox (liver, kidney, intestines… and of course our mind) an go through times where complex carbs are COMPLETELY eliminated! For more information on our popular CELEBRITY DETOX, click here



Eating the right foods at the right times BEFORE you work out is essential to keeping your energy up, your workout performance high, and your body in a fat-burning mode.

FAT-BURNING: Let’s Rev Up The Metabolism post-sweat!

What Should You Eat After A Workout?

There is a window of time about 20-60 minutes after you exercise in which your muscles will readily accept the carbohydrates and protein that you consume and suck them up to be stored away as precious energy and building blocks for recovery. Don’t wait too long or you risk the chance of getting cranky or tired from a drop in your blood sugar. BE PREPARED! (Yes, you are going it hear THIS from me A LOT!!!) Keep the euphoric feeling strong and upbeat! 🙂 Clean & Organized Kitchen

The ideal post-workout MEAL:

Carbohydrates (2 fists) and protein (1 fist). Unless you are on track to release substantial weight then reverse it – protein (2 fists) and carbs (1 fist). (bold and highlighted)

SKIP COMMERCIAL RICE, BREAD, CRACKERS, PASTA, AND STARCHES… Replace with fresh lettuce wraps, protein bread, carrot chips, and dip-able veggies (sliced peppers, celery, radishes. Etc., found in the produce area. Quinoa, farrow, and beans are also GREAT to have as your protein! I also skip MOST GRAINS! QUINOA is a SEED, not a grain!!! [More lists on Protein in the Guide]

  • ***Please note I have added yogurt and various cream things to this list to EASE you into SUPER CLEAN. I do NOT personally use yogurt or dairy.

A sampling of suggestions of what to eat POST WORKOUT:

  • Veggie omelet with protein toast/roll [Veggie=Carb omelet= protein]
  • Protein Cereal with Almond Milk
  • Eggs, salad, and 1 slice of protein toast
  • Turkey, ham, chicken, fish, or roast beef slices with salad
  • Vegetable stir-fry with chicken, shrimp, edamame, or tofu [organic & non-GMO soy]
  • Wasa Toast or Protein Toast with nut butter or shmear of coconut butter and some fresh berries squished on top [better than processed jams & preserves]
  • Protein Smoothie [with Umilk/yogurt] — add protein powder
  • Energy Shake [See recipe book for LOTS of ideas]
  • Gluten-free Pancakes, eggs, and veggie sausage [“Gimme Lean” Brand is sooooo YUMMY… it even fools the meat-lovers in your family!!]
  • Fruit and yogurt
  • Raw Soaked Nuts [Do you soak yours? – Learn how & why in the book]
  • Steel-Cut Oatmeal. Clean & Organized Kitchen
  • High Fiber Cereals [more than 3 grams of fiber] with 1/2 cup of almond milk


(Make this like a check box item)

 PLASTICS: This is when plastic [PBA-free or glass] containers and shaker cups will be quite handy. I hate ziplock bags — totally NOT green and leach crap into our food- a cause of inflammation [aka- sickness & disease]

 6-Pack Lunch Tote [or larger thermal-style tote]

 Ice Blocks to keep foods & beverages fresh all day long

 Leak-proof containers [various sizes for dressings to salads, fruit mixtures, hummus, etc.]

 Thermos to keep food hot or cold


Low Glycemic Fruit/Vegetable Chart:

While on the 17-day program, I recommend that you select fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar content. It will help give you the jumpstart into healthier eating and you’ll most likely see a couple of pounds shed the first week just from this tip alone These low-glycemic fruits and veggies are listed in the table below








Veggies & Fruit

arugula 1g watermelon 4g

cucumber 1g strawberry 4g

broccoli 1g cantaloupe 4g

lettuce (iceberg) 2g avocado 4g

celery 2g honeydew melon5g

white mushroom 2g peach 5g

radishes 2g blackberries 5g

turnips 2g grapefruit 5g

lettuce (romaine) 2g oranges 5g

asparagus 2g papaya 5g

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