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6 Smart Snacks That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

6 Snacks That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

Everyone (me included) likes to snack, nibble and pass the time having a bite. YUP, I’ll admit that sometimes I eat out of boredom or my cravings go wack-o. I do pay attention to these signs and go into “correction mode,”  and and fix it! Watch that those nibbles don’t turn into a whole bag, mega handfuls of nuts or a pint of ice cream. Something funny happened the other day while I was preparing a personal food farmacy for a client up in New Jersey, I noticed that the recommendations mimicked very closely to recommendations I share with my diabetes. Here are 6 snacks and a condiment (I use for snacks), you don’t have to have diabetes to enjoy these beauties.

Image result for rice cake with berriesHummus

The chickpeas in hummus give it lots of fiber and protein to fill you up. Yes, it has carbs, but your body digests them slowly. That means they aren’t absorbed as quickly as other carbs and won’t spike your blood sugar. Use a third of a cup as a dip for veggies or to spread on whole-grain crackers.


According to the ADA, berries are a diabetes superfood because they’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, plus they’re low-GI. Three quarters of a cup of fresh blueberries has 62 calories and 16 grams (g) of carbohydrates. Keep an eye on portion sizes and to stay away from fruits canned in syrups or contained in other types of added sugar. If you’re using the glycemic index (GI) — a measure of how foods affect your blood sugar levels — to manage your diabetes, most fruits are a good choice because they rate low on the ranking.


A scrambled egg white is good for a quick protein fix at home. Or hard-boil a few to keep in the fridge as on-the-go snacks.


Put 3 cups of the air-popped kind into a sandwich bag as a grab-and-go option that doesn’t overload on carbs. With a dash of salt, it’s the perfect savory crunch for an afternoon pick-me-up.


It’s yummy as-is or mash three avocados, add some salsa, cilantro, and a little lime juice, and voila: guacamole. Keep your serving size to a quarter-cup for a snack that has less than 20 grams of carbs.

Tuna or Salmon 

Half a cup of tuna or a slice of salmon paired with 2 rice cakes is a tasty snack that won’t break the blood sugar bank.

Image result for rice cake, coconut oil with berries
and drum roll for the condiment……Coconut Oil !!!

A 2008 study found that people who consumed medium-chain fats like coconut oil as part of a weight loss plan lost more fat than participants who used olive oil. Coconut oil is high in medium-chain fats. This means coconut oil, a solid fat, is harder to convert to stored fat. This makes it easier for your body to burn it off.— Cook with it and shear it on was a rice cakes with fresh smashed or sliced berries— one of my favorites!

What snacks do you like to balance out your blood sugar? Love to hear from you. #CreateYourBestDayEver

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