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3 Things To Start Doing Now for Your GUT in a Sugar-Crazed World

Caring for Your Microbiome in a Sugar-Crazed World

3 Things To Start Doing Now for Your GUT in a Sugar-Crazed World Besides keeping your sugar intake to a minimum and avoiding other common microbiome depleters, you can take several steps right now to help keep your microbiome intact through all of your sweet encounters.

1. Focus on your gut health from the inside out. Taking a high-quality, multi-strain probiotic supplement should be your number one priority when it comes to supporting your microbiome in the face of the devastating effects of sugar. Probiotics will help replenish depleted beneficial bacteria to help crowd out the bad guys who feast on sugar in your gut.

2. Eat plenty of plant-based foods. A whole food, plant-based diet provides food and sustenance for your friendly microbes. Called prebiotics, these indigestible fibers are the perfect fuel for hard-working flora. Although most vegetables (and some fruits) provide prebiotic fibers, some of the best options are oats, onions, bananas, garlic, and Jerusalem artichoke. For a real prebiotic punch, add in a daily prebiotic powder supplement to give your microbes the nourishment they need.

3. Stay active and take time to relax. Studies show that people who are active have healthier microbiomes than those who are more sedentary, so plan to make exercise a daily priority. Additionally, because stress can deplete your friendly flora, taking the time to consistently relax and unwind can keep your microbiome in tip-top shape.

The reality is, if you live on this planet, you’re bound to come across a sugary confection now and then that you just can’t resist. It’s our hope that this new information will help you make decisions that support your microbiome each and every day and inspire you to consciously live a gut-healthy life so you can weather these dietary temptations and keep feeling your very best!

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