17 Day Lean Legs Reset

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17 Day lean legs & bubbly bootie reset

Haven’t had the motivation or time to workout lately? Had a hard time completing your other fitness programs… THIS IS DIFFERENT!

Quick workouts that will trim, tone, sizzle fat and strengthen, while supporting better stability and posture! START FEELING THE DIFFERENCE BY DAY 3! Guaranteed

join the reset now!27 workouts for only $17!

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Tone + Tighten + Strengthen

Soft, mushy legs and bootie can make us feel self conscious, but worse are a leading cause of back pain, poor posture, poor stability, and poor circulation which can lead to varicose veins! Get ahead of them by toning, tightening and strengthening your legs and rear!

Workout on a Schedule

These short 4-8 minute workout bursts are designed to work on a tight schedule. Whether you’re juggling the kids, work, or lack of motivation, you’ll find it easy to squeeze this into your hectic life! 

Reduce Crepey Skin

Saggy legs are inevitable! Get ahead of them by toning your legs and tightening your skin. We all miss the legs we used to have, now’s your chance to get them back!

Plant Based Recipes

Enjoy some of my favorite, simple and fast, plant based recipes that I’ve shared with my tribe and personal clients. You can even tune in for a LIVE cooking class with me! Join the fun and let’s cook along together!

See What These Amazing Women Had to Say

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I’m Losing Inches Everywhere! I am so grateful to Becca Tebon! I’ve learned a lot about myself and new healthy habits! It’s showing in my clothes and people are commenting! This program is perfect to kick start my productive day. I love that it’s only 17 minutes — and Becca hits the total body with the PowHERbands™. You owe it to yourself to get started.

~ Nancy Matthews

“I LOVE using the powHERbands with Pilates. Crazy burn. Crazy results.”

~ Cheryl 

“Big Shout Out to the 8 Week Reset Tribe! You rock my world. When I want to throw in the towel & say NO MORE – I think of each of you and tell myself to keep going. I feel stronger, healthier & more energized since working with the PowHERbands™.”

~ Regena Rosa-Celeste Ozeryansky

“I’ve never done any workout like this! So efficient and super effective.  I love powHER Bands and Becca!!”

~ Reneé Stern

“2020 was a hard year for everyone. Becca’s daily workouts and motivation saved my life.” 

~ Janet

“All I can say is WOW. Becca is an amazing instructor. I lost my belly bloat and got rock hard abs.”

~ Rene

“I LOVE HER! I’ve had several personal trainers over 15 years and Becca is awesome. I will never go back to the gym! Naysayers need to try powHER Bands. They work.”

~ Susan

“Becca, in 2 days you’ve done what doctors couldn’t do in 10 years! I feel like a new person! I am amazed and I BELIEVE!”

~ Harriet

The Real Problem…

I started to realize that there is a big problem hitting women of all ages (but specifically 40+)…

It’s a problem that causes women to have:

Saggy legsPoor posturePoor balance and strengthA bad sense of their body image

There are tons of women out there suffering from this!

Want to know what it comes down to?

Being inactive…

I’m not talking about doing 90 minutes of exercise every day either. 

I’m talking about focused mini-workouts that activate your muscles, get your heart pumping,  and sizzle fat!

The fitness industry glorifies going into the gym every day and sweating until you drop.

I’ll let you in on a secret…

It’s because that’s what they want you to do that!

They want you to keep buying their supplements, products, workout programs, and more that promise amazing results but really just wear you down.

That’s the exact reason I started doing this Reset with women just like you…

You can finally sculpt and strengthen your body by only dedicating a small portion of your day!

Join me for 27 workouts, created for every level,  LIVE and on-demand over the next 17 days!

But first…

Bonuses At No-Cost

27 Workouts ($197 value)

Over the 17-day period you’ll experience a variety of workouts. You’ll have 17 lunge/squat, 5 JumpSport, and 5 chair/mat workouts. These workouts for women of all skill levels! I have alternatives you can do of almost everything so don’t be scared! you’ll have access to these workout videos + bonuses any time that is convenient for your schedule.

LIVE Pop-Up Workout ($49 value)

Over the 17-day period I’ll be a hosting LIVES, in our Facebook group that you can watch and workout with me! These workouts will be *17 minutes long and will get your heart pumping!

*Beach will be 1 hour and have some relay races too!

LIVE Cooking Class ($49 value)

I’ll also be hosting a LIVE cooking class inside our Facebook group. You’ll get a copy of the recipe so you can cook along with me!

Plant Based Recipe Book ($29 value)

I’ve been eating plant based meals for over a decade. No matter what your food preference is, you’ll discover new hacks  plus some great substitutes for your favorite non-plant foods.

Boca Raton In-Person Class ($39 value)

Come join me in-person! I’ll be hosting a workout LIVE in Boca Raton on the beach. You can come, chat with me, break a sweat, and be featured in the video! 

*Beach will be 1 hour and have some relay races too!

Discounts & Giveaway

When you join you’ll get a discount of $11 + free shipping on your own set of powHERbands™️! You’ll also be entered in our special giveaway that you’ll learn more about inside the group.

You Get $314 in Value For Just $17… $1/day

Start Your Summer Reset Today!

join the reset now!27 workouts for only $17!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a beginner/expert and am not sure if this is for me?

That’s okay! I’ve customized these workouts to be accessible for all fitness levels from couch lover to course beast. I have coach you through progressive and regressive exercises —  that you can do if you aren’t feeling comfortable with the other exercises.


Spine Protecting Movements:

No unneeded pressure on the lumbar spine or knees so that the exercises are 100% safe for people of all levels.

EMG Proven Muscle Recruitment:

Exercise selection backed by science proven to stimulate the most muscle contraction and effectiveness.


An under-utilized technique to build strength and power without lifting any weight.

Time Under Tension Tempo:

Vary your repetition speed under resistance for the eccentric and concentric portion of the lift to make your workout faster and more efficient.

What do I get when I purchase today?

When you join us for the reset you’ll get:

– access to 27 workouts LIVE and on-demand that will be split up between lunges/squat, chair/mat, and the Jumpsport trampoline

– a recipe ebook for plant-based meals

– a LIVE cooking class that you cook alongside me

– an invitation to do an in-person workout with me

– some discounts and giveaways on powHERbands™️ and other goodies

When does the Lean Leg Reset start?

This Reset starts on July 17th! Enrollment will be open until the 19th to ensure that we get everyone in… don’t worry you’ll have access to the full 17 days no matter when you start!

How much is the Reset?

You can get all 27 workouts + all of the bonuses for only $17! That works out to only being $1/day!

Do I need the powHERbands™ or the Jumpsport to do the workouts?

You don’t need any equipment. But I do highly suggest a pair of sneakers for stability and protection. Now, ya gotta realize I created the powHERbands™️ because I wanted to provide MAX RESULTS for my clients in the shortest amount of time. You’ll be able to purchase them and save $11 and they’ll last a LONG TIME, you get a 1 year guarantee. I included the JumpSport trampoline because it provides increased cardio, lymphatic drainage, pelvic floor tightening, zero knee/hip pressure, increased balance and stability. (discounts inside the challenge for both)

Your Instructor:

Becca Tebon

Founder of Becca Fit

As a crusader for whole-body nourishment, I am dedicated to helping you discover the small daily shifts that can provide lasting life-long happiness and health.

I learned first-hand on myself, starting my personal health advocacy at age 18, and overcame three life-long, congenital health challenges and diseases. I was tired of the meds, pain, and missing out on life and knew I had to make changes in my life or my quality of life would be dictated by doctors.

I have since taught at a Oprah Winfrey’s Retreat, featured in Boca Raton Magazine, a contributor for Mind Body Green, Yoga Today, National Association of Realtors, Fabulous Fifty, D’Fyne Fitness,  and many other online and traditional magazines, blogs, health & wellness webinars and podcasts.

Read Sandra’s Story

“I was tired of feeling and acting old”

“…I had known of Becca for about 5 years, when it got to the point that the doctors wanted to add more meds and I could barely get up or down on the floor. I had been hesitant to start, wondering if 17 minutes could actually make a difference. LET ME TELL YOU, Becca changed my life. I am a “powHER Beauty,” lifer as she affectionately calls us. I am off all of my meds, no longer have diabetes and I enjoy an active lifestyle, including hiking. I feel like she turned back the clock about 15 years (only healthier), and no more crepe skin on my arms or legs.”

You Get $1,121 in Value For Just $17… $1/day

Start Your Summer Reset Today!

Enrollment Closes In:

Time is up!

join the reset now!27 workouts for only $17!

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