“Golden 17 Minute Rockstar Life”


Turn Stress Into Success! It’s All In The Way We See Things.

Have a permanent set of Rose-colored glasses! Learn exactly how stress and your specific reaction to stress is causing physical, emotional and mental wear and tear. Stop reacting and become a responsive game player. Becca will show you how your current lifestyle is creating health/wellness or illness/disease and teach you proven strategies to become your personal and professional best. You’ll also hear Becca’s transitioning personal “curves” that took her from bleak to bliss and from Chronic pain, to pain free, joyful and gratitude-filled living. She’ll teach you how she did it so you can do it too! You’ll also receive strategies and practical solutions to prevent the damage chronic stress can create.


F.I.T. Life Into Your Lifestyle

Decode & Discover Your Health GPS Personality.Do you have destructive behavioral and eating habits preventing you from living a healthy, productive and fulfilling life? You’ll learn simple strategies to create radiant health and abundance so you can start living by design versus default. You’ll discover your distinctive “Health GPS Personality” and leave this talk inspired to live the life you desire and were crated to live. As a result of this powerful presentation you’ll see a change in the health and energy of your attendees and for corporate clients you’ll see a change in your staff, interoffice culture and spirit …as well as a boost in your bottom line!


Influence & Impact: How to Look, Feel and Live Like a Leader

How can you create a positive and lasting impression both personally and professionally? Let’s look at how we lead, how we are viewed and the impression we create for others. Becca Tebon the FITpreneur will share proven strategies to unleash your ultimate body, mind, image and lifestyle. You’ll learn the secret to creating a lean, fit body, radiant health, soaring confidence, endless energy, rewarding relationships, financial abundance, a dynamic image, charismatic style and an optimistic outlook.

You’ll learn strategies to build upon your magnificent Character Muscle. You’ll also learn how to glorify your charisma, magnetism and undeniable mojo in order to effectively inspire and empower your team, prospects, clients and others with clarity and purpose.


Discard The Savage Baggage: It’s Not Just What You Put Into Your Mouth But What Goes On In Your Head!

Mindset is your best FIT set! While our food choices might seems to be the sole culprit for your weight and unhappy dilemma, often it’s our mindset, behaviors and an unhealthy relationship with food that’s at the root of it all. Use the “F-Bomb” to help break down the who, what, when, where, how and why of your eating behaviors and learn how a simple structured PLAN can turn this around, in less than 30 days.

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