Becca’s Story

Becca TebonI have come to realize, we are all connected to support each other. When I get to know you and hear your story, I feel a connection and place of compassion that is special and blesses me. Whether you’re experiencing health issues, need some weight loss guidance or going through a major life altering transformation, God has blessed and equipped me with tools that have helped thousands of women, now it’s your turn to experience a new spin on YOUR LIFE and feel and look your best.

Here’s a little blurb on me to help you get to know me better. Originally known as “The Green Soccer Mom,”I started my internet presence ( – no longer running) helping others rid themselves and their kids of Asthma. I spoke for years on webinars supporting the Asthma Awareness Coalition and sharing simple lifestyle strategies and products that can help wipe out symptoms and triggers of even chronic asthma (I still have a powerful arsenal — just ask)! My anecdote to ASTHMA is so simple, I wish all the doctors would share it!

Becca’s Story: During childhood through to adulthood (age 40), Becca was a “lifelong patient,” grappling with illnesses ranging from chronic asthmatic bronchitis, to digestive problems (gut pain) and elimination issues to debilitating back pain (there were lots of OTHER PAINS, but I think you get the message!)

Becca’s first biggy ‘aha’ moment happened while she was attending the University of Florida, while working at a nutritional store (where better to start my self educating. No internet back then) and a javelin thrower on the track team. I began to notice that changes in my nutrition and approach to exercise literally transformed my physical and mental well-being. Gradually, even my long-term symptoms began to ease. This is the foreshadowing for the foundation of how the “F.I.T” LIFEstyle truly started.

Becca didn’t allow the years of health and personal challenges keep her seated on the sidelines of life. Blessed with a mom who never let her feel sickly or made her feel less than the other kids, Becca tackled speech problems and dyslexia, coupled with missing 20-30% of her elementary school years head on … but INSIDE Becca endured poor self esteem and thinking she wasn’t smart enough or truly fitting in. Areas that were never dealt with were just tucked deep inside and weren’t even revealed until 2009 when her life started spinning out of control. Anything from your childhood still eating at you deep inside?

The teenage years were filled with helping family and working (probably like you). Yes, another sickness struck just before 14, and she spent a few weeks in Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital to have a grapefruit-sized tumor removed from her breast.

In-between … and after all those little episodes, Becca found sports a place of grounding and area that she excelled in … and felt most happy. So no surprise today, FITNESS is one of the cornerstones of her arsenal to self care and personal success. You can see, God’s plan was in place from the very beginning.

Today she is recognized for helping others create a “WHOLE”istic shift in their lives, regardless of age, economic or fitness level. “Being F.I.T. Is a state of having clarity in all aspects of your life; mental, spiritual, and physical. Her passionate skill-set allows for the timid to the lion client to achieve their goals. Check out the programs that can help you reach your fitness and weight-loss goals – AND life goals for fun, a brighter outlook and a freer spirit gifting you a MEANINGFUL and HAPPY LIFE!

You’re thinking cool, how do I get started?

Most start with the “17 Minute Lose a Pant or Dress Size in 17 Days” Program. But check out the FREE DOWNLOADS for exercises, recipes, thought enhancing and clarifying to detoxing your home, DO IT YOURSELF Programs that allow you to do things at your own pace or if you want add some accountability with various levels of coaching. Go deeper with GROUP & PERSONAL COACHING  Programs that delve deeper into physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual and financial swurvy curvies (AKA: obstacles). We’ll be adding NEW VIDEOS weekly and more programs too!

What did Becca do before her transformation? and How did her transformation occur?

Branding is no mystery to Becca. She was the founder and CEO of Multi Media Communications (1989-2001), a full service boutique-styled advertising agency, featuring a PR and full service marketing and design departments. She also co-founded Multi Media Healthcare with a doctor, catering to the healthcare needs during 90’s.

Today, a single mom of three school-aged girls Becca has found her calling in the Wellness Industry. Turning a life, that at one time looked bleak to bliss and living boldly ON-PURPOSE, INTENTIONALLY and DEVOTED to God’s calling for her life!

Let’s get started on your total health and fitness transformation!!! Grab your complimentary 15-minute consultation (link) — or choose one of my programs (link) that “fits” your needs. Most start with the 17 Day Lose A Pant or Dress Size, the shortest program with the biggest POW (Information and value… yours for $17 — valuable info $350)! Yup, you’ll lose a size and gain momentum into your new savvy, fearless, fit and sexy life!

I’m blessed to join you on our journey together!


Becca Tebon

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