Sexy & Strong 9 Week Make-Over

Because Everything I've Experienced, Learned & Loved Is Yours For The Taking

What’s Included In Your F.I.T. Experience

This program contains everything you need:

  1. FOCUS ON YOU! We to dive into your health, 1-on-1 during your initial 75 minute consultation, who you are and where your challenges are so we can address them directly and get the ball rolling.
  2. YOUR  PERSONALIZED PLAN. This is where we prioritize your goals and pinpoint exactly what’s most important to you
    1. Oversized Lunch Tote
    2. Color-coded food containers that correlate with food groups & serving sizes so you’ll eat the right foods and the right portions at the right time.
    3. Ice blocks
    4. Weekly Packets filled with content pertinent to that week.
    5. 100% of your Vitamins, Minerals & Essential BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) — 1 month supply
    6. Protein Shake — 1 month supply
    7. Detox Teas — 1 month supply
    8. Metabolic Booster (if needed) — 1 month supply
    9. Recipes: FIT Fresh Fun Fast Recipe Booklet, Entrees, Snacks, Soups, Treats, Smoothies & Juices
    10. 3-Ring Binder. Gain simplicity & clarity by organize your goals and focus on exactly what’s most important to you and your weekly plan.
  4. PLAN FOR THE NEW YOU: GPS! Your “Guide to Personal Success” is achieved through tools. And you will create your personal “GPS Step-by-Step Tactical Guidebook”
    1. Weekly group sessions (9 Total Sessions – 60-75 minutes each)
    2. Unlimited email support
    3. Bi-weekly coaching sessions (4 Total Sessions – 25-60 minutes; customized to meet your schedule and support needs)
    4. Peer accountability partner to keep you focused and inspired.
  6. WEEKLY, EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, FUN & F.I.T.  “17-Minute Metabolic Workout” with me. (Recorded so you can do all week long)
  7. PEER ACCOUNTABILITY: Peer accountability offers a natural support system to encourage one another in pursuing development plans, goals, and associated action items. This shared experience enhances camaraderie—  participants realize that the challenges they face are not as unique as they may have previously believed, and they leverage the experience and insights of others to solve challenges. They also are able to learn from the practical knowledge of others—thus multiplying their own application of the information. This multiplied learning typically extends beyond the formal coaching meetings and gives participants greater confidence to make  decisions and move forward.
  8. RETREAT: A retreat to soak up all that you have gained. A time to Receive, Renew, Restore & Recharge
  9. BEST PART! You can retake at any time … again and again within the year and pay only for your personal coaching sessions & retreat and you will receive all updates to course curriculum FREE when you retake the course.

9 Weekly Sessions

Session 1
Goals; Introduction to 9 Week — Start Envision Books & Mindful Maps

Session 2
Lifestyle Wheel, F.L.O.W. v Balance Session

Session 3

Portion Control, Food Preparation, Intermittent Fasting, Travel/Eating Out, Sugar & Cravings

Session 4
Your Environment & Inflammatory Triggers, Greener Living, pH Balancing

Session 5
Energy, Meditations, Conscious Creation

Session 6
Exercise, Breath-work

Session 7
Herbs, Supplements & Essential Oils

Session 8
Relationships, PAUSE (Purposefully, Attend Ur Selfull, Experience)

Session 9
Communication & Reflection

Retrain Your Brain & Metabolism

Why do I teach you how to retrain your brain & metabolism? Because at the route of your health is your belief about self and food. You’ll learn about Nutrition, Detoxing and RELEASING old habits and beliefs that have not served you to accept and be your BEST version of you. You will learn how to fuel the brain and body, instead of glucose like most people use when on the SAD, Standard American Diet, with rich-affordable REAL FOOD and WHOLE SUPPLEMENTS that will crush your cravings and provide your body with the nutrients that are REQUIRED at the cellular level to perform optimally and your mind needs to create clarity and conscious thoughts that lead to a life lead with FULL intention, purpose and pleasure.

Learn how to regulate blood sugar and attain consistent energy using your stored fat as the stable source of fuel. YES! We use your extra “love” to fuel your fierce fire! Sound good so far?People on cholesterol, diabetic and high blood pressure will see results, most often eliminating the med!!

Meet Becca

I want to create a world where everyone is able to nourish themselves based on the intuitive cues their body provides. Where struggles, discomfort, restrictions and deprivations are replaced with kindness, radiance and pleasure.
I live a life of flow, never seeking balance! I laugh & dream a lot, and experience some hardship and curve balls that sometimes get me to STOP  and cry a bit. I eat, live and teach lifestyle. I have learned both through schooling and LIFE how to nourish myself and others — I use in nature, natural abundant energy and realize there is a time and place for western intervention. I practice meditation and treat myself to lazy Sunday’s filled with PJ’s, giggles and cuddled up with my loves reading the paper, talking about LIFE and PLAYING OUTSIDE!
I have good days and bad. Just like you. But my bad days are NOW usually lessoned to moments … or hours. I have learned how to set boundaries AND be FAIR to myself and others at the same time. This was once one of my biggest struggles, leaving myself last and unsupported.
I’m a certified, holistic nutritionist and elite fitness coach and competitor. I vibrate with love. Iam passionate about my purpose and mission, which is to help others cleanse from the inside out the baggage that plagues their thoughts, bodies and livelyhood.
I’ve spent over a three decade learning what a life of abundant health meant and dove in the past five years to search for what is TRUE JOY and add  peace of mind, body, energy and celebration with the goal of revolutionizing my perception, and ultimately sharing a LIFEstyle of Focus, Fitness & Food.

I’m a certified, holistic health coach, elite fitness coach, athlete and past competitor — something Iam manifesting to return to as soon as my  neck and shoulder heal from surgeries (2017). I vibrate with love. Iam passionate about my purpose and mission, which is to help others cleanse from the inside out the baggage that plagues their thoughts, bodies and spiritual livelihood.

I’ve spent over a three decade learning what a life of abundant health meant and dove in the past five years to search for true peace of mind, body, joy and celebration with the goal of revolutionizing my perception of food and wellness.

From birth through to adulthood (age 42), I was a “lifelong patient,” grappling with illnesses ranging from chronic asthmatic bronchitis, to digestive problems (gut pain) and elimination issues to debilitating back and knee pain. I was treated with pharmaceuticals, as well as body strengthening exercise. My love for movement began at age 7. I realize a moving body is a happy body!

I have came to realize, we are all connected to support each other. When I get to know you and hear your story, I feel a connection and place of compassion that is special and blesses me. Whether you’re experiencing health issues, need weight loss guidance & accountability or going through a major life altering transformation, I feel blessed and equipped, by God’s tools that have helped thousands of other women, now it’s your turn to experience a new spin on YOUR LIFE and feel and look your best.

I spoke for years on webinars supporting the Asthma Awareness Coalition and sharing simple and safe lifestyle strategies and products that can help wipe out symptoms and triggers of even chronic asthma (I still have a powerful arsenal — just ask)! My anecdote to ASTHMA is so simple, I wish all the doctors would share it!

My first biggy ‘aha’ moment happened while i was attending the University of Florida, while working at a nutritional store (where better to start my self educating. No internet back then) and a javelin thrower on the track team. I began to notice that changes in my nutrition and approach to exercise literally transformed my physical and mental well-being. Gradually, even my long-term symptoms began to ease (and I will share these with you). This is the foreshadowing for the foundation of how the “F.I.T.” — Fearless Integrative Transformations … A Happy & Healthy LIFEstyle truly started.

I didn’t allow the years of health and personal challenges keep me seated on the sidelines of life. Blessed with a mom who never let me feel as if I was “sickly” or made her feel less than the other kids, I tackled speech problems and dyslexia, coupled with missing 20-30% of my elementary school years head on … but INSIDE I endured poor self esteem and thinking I wasn’t smart enough or truly fitting in. Areas that were never dealt with were just tucked deep inside and weren’t even revealed until 2009 when my life started spinning out of control. WITHIN the last 90 days, my husband’s email said he wanted me to move out and see if he would miss me, my dad past away (suddenly from medical complications) and I was swiped,by a car, from my road bike traveling 21mph, helmet cracking, head and body severely hurt and person leaving the scene. They told me it would take 10 months to use my arm again— I started back teaching in 6 weeks.

Anything from your past or childhood still eating at you deep inside? Are you unhappy? Take the steps now so you can thrive THE BEST LIFE EVER and BE THE BEST HEALTHIEST AND HAPPIEST VERSION OF YOU!!  Namaste, Becca



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You’re ready to jump in (feet first) and start living your most authentic life. You’re ready for a FIT Make-over.

Iam so excited to share this life-changing, game-changing program with you! The Sex & Strong 9 Week Make-Over is a proven program that can make a difference in your life, if you engage fully and play big! I’ll be sharing practical principles in baby-steps, over 9 weeks that will forever — change, influence & enhance your lifestyle!!!


You are the captain of your journey …

YOU ARE ready to set your course for positive, influential, healthful, selfullness.

LIFESTYLE SHIFTS will happen, guaranteed

… or your money-back! 


In 9 intentional weeks you will learn baby steps that will truly transform your beliefs, strategies and goal achievements in the pertinent AREAS of YOUR BIG SEXY & STRONG LIFE!


  1. We will break down your lifestyle, attainment and beliefs around food and relationships.
  2. Learn about inflammation and how to release the things causing it (food, environmental, family & friends).
  3. You’ll learn breathing and meditation techniques that can lower your blood pressure, as well as, help with sleep and empower your greatest visions.
  4. I’ll teach you about what supplements, herbs and essential oils will be most beneficial for your individual health needs — and say buh-bye to those food cravings once & for all!
  5. Your Digestive System will be reprogramed. Elimination issues (if any) will be supported. Pain and stomach cramps from eating will be eliminated.
  6. You will feel more vitality and energy.
  7. Your skin and muscles will change appearance and regain their youthful look & feel.
  8. Your self perceptions and inner voices will start to sing.
  9. You’ll learn how to instill P.A.U.S.E.— and how that will help your relationships, especially the biggest one — the one with yourself! We will release MANY things, never losing anything, because lost things want to be found and resumed.







Step Into Your Divine Diva-ness

• Weekly Online Group Sessions are designed to give you the extra edge that can only come when 2 or more are joined.

• You will also receive personalized, private, bi-weekly sessions with me, where we drill down to your three specific goals s they relate to health, personal or business.  We’ll prioritize on exactly what’s important to you and strategized “HOW TO” achieve them!

We’re talking no-hold-barred, undiluted support that wrangles together personalized steps and strategies to get you exactly where you want to be — personal empowerment & self love, health, life, love and business. It’s all about defining your excellence and creating a reality that’s practical for you. 

Discover how 17 minutes can tone and sculpt your arms, tighten your butt & thighs and get your tummy trimmed too!