30 Day Healthy Habit Reset (Choose Life, Fitness or Nutrition Program)


Exercise your mind body and heart in this 90 day program. Split into three 30-day modules (each available separately), Becca applies 40 years of health, mindset and fitness training into this program. Delivered via email with support in a Facebook Group, give yourself the time to indulge your mind, body and soul and grab these modules today.


With energy, passion and grace, Becca shares the FUNDAMENTAL STARTING POINT FOR YOUR SUCCESS – Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love mindset exercises. Unveil and solve hidden or missing gaps in your daily routines

  • Discover a new, easy-to-implement way to achieve the ideal life you want and see yourself living
  • Reset and use each of your natural strengths to build better more efficient habits and healthy lifestyle

You’ll use Becca’s signature “Flow Decoder” to discover the very gaps that show you where you are stuck(Your ACTUAL SELF) and where you want to be (Your IDEAL SELF). Pinpoints the incongruent areas in your life and develop improved behaviors (habits) that correct and close the GAPS that have been causing emotional, physical and relationship challenges. Raises your vibration, optimize health, feel happy and get your mojo singing again sister. With this visual clarity, you’ll be mind-ready to transform and 100% on track to achieve!


LET’s DO IT! Time to dive into your relationship with food. Oh Girlfriend… I’ve been there too! Crackin’ open a bag-o-chips only to find — “I ATE THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ THING!” Eating foods that left my belly aching. Starving all day trying to lose weight or because I knew I’d eat bad “food” at a party… You’ll be AMAZED at the array of yummy REAL recipes you get and will WANT to eat in this 10-day module.

You’ll Get:

    • Perfect Portions! My technique to eating without measuring food on scales or keeping track of calories
    • Menu Plan Guide – Learn what a WEEKLY, IDEAL MENU PLAN should be & how to customize your own
    • FIT Fresh Fun Fast Food Recipes & Shopping List – More than 40 delicious, nutritious recipes
    • Food Pairing— Maximize Nutritional Intake by cutting out inflammatory foods and foods that compound cravings & binging
    • When to eat – the optimum time to maximize your metabolic clock
    • STOP!! Fearing food & counting calories
    • Food Label Fluency – Reading the food label whatthe FDA labels don’t tell you!
    • STOP P’ing! and LEARN CONVENIENCE of the GO-TO System – NO Process, Packaged and Prepared
    • A full health overview focused on the SECRET SIGNIFIERS of HEALTHY EATING: digestion, sleep, and Your Poop (Yup! This is the #1 underlying sign of MANY health conditions!)


With bountiful positive, self-affirming thoughts supercharging your attitude, healthy and nutritious food fueling your body on full-octane, now we turn the focus to loving your diva bod, toning & tightening your temple so you’ll feel even more confident.

You’ll Get:

  • Becca’s W.O.W. [Women-Only-Workouts] … Yes, guys love it too! Created for women who don’t like to go to the gym, haven’t workout out in a while and want to start slowly, TOO BUSY and looking for a fast & fun way to get your body rocking around their schedule!
  • Just 17-Minutes-a-day of Energy-Boosting routines, loved by women who HATE working out!
  • Quick and easy to follow exercises for the Best Butt, Toned Thighs, Flat Belly and Amazingly Sexy Arms.
  • Fitness activities (no pushing weights required) that are fun for YOU! Yesssss— I bet you’ll be addicted!
  • Proper body alignment instruction to prevent injury
Any Questions?

Start using the 100% Money-back, #1 science-based, PROVEN system that’ll CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Completely Do-able Fusion – mind, body, soul, fitness and nutrition techniques that will, once and for all:

  • Reset your Metabolism – No hunger or deprivation
  • Burn off 5 – 15 pounds fast!
  • Tap into self-control you never knew you had
  • Replace bad choices (habits) with go-to healthy alternatives
  • Ditch Baggage, Self-Sabotage, Guilt, Blame & Shame (Decode & Learn To FLOW)
  • No exhausting, boring, endless, cardio-pounding workouts
  • Step-by-step Mind, Body & Food Guide — And NO scales or calorie counting!