Healthy People’s Guide To Better Eating

So many simply do not buy better quality foods, supplements because of cost. I’ve been guiding my clients to this online resource, my “Healthy People’s Guide To Better Eating” and they have thanked me and I thought you’d like to learn about how you can save money too. I found this site about 5 months ago and I have saved hundreds of dollars — honestly, I can’t believe how much less they are on every day products from soaps to herbs, candles, supplements, even my Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I will be sharing recipes and nutritional information starting in October with direct links so you can shop and save. And the BEST PART, for us busy, difference makers…. It comes right to your door and purchases over $49 include FREE DELIVERY! That’s a HUGE time saver (money) and they even kick in FREE SHIPPING. NO MONTHLY PURCHASE needed, just stock up and save when you need to.

That being said, it may come as a surprise that as of now Americans who rely on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) are not eligible to use their food stamps for online groceries. My partner, Thrive Market, saw this major gap preventing the 46 million Americans using SNAP from having access to affordable organics and they took action! After a viral petition, White House meetings and a big push for public awareness the FSN (Food and Nutrition Service) listened to Thrive Market and its partners and announced plans to launch a 2 year pilot program with a handful of companies chosen to accept food stamps for food purchases online. This program is scheduled to begin in 2018. Isn’t that amazing?

Joy fills me when I think about all the families who will now have access to healthy organic food online. That means more high quality food will get into the hands of our friends and neighbors relying on food stamps. Making healthy food more accessible to everyone is what I built on and I’m so honored to be working with a company who is blazing the trail in providing affordable organics for everyone.

Thrive Market is offering Becca Tebon FIT readers an extra 25% off your first purchase for the next 48 hours only when you visit them here – and that’s on top of their already awesome prices! This offer is for new customers only.

Never shopped at Thrive Market before? It’s an online shop that has organic groceries and natural household goods at a fraction of the price found at other natural food stores. Their website allows you to quickly stock up on the grocery staples at drastically reduced prices (up to 25-50% off) with free shipping when you spend over $49. They’ll also give you your first month membership free so you can try it out and see if you love it as much as I do. If you don’t like it, you can cancel within the first month without being charged the yearly membership fee.

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If someone just handed me a 25% OFF coupon for Whole Foods I would immediately run to the store and stock up! Wouldn’t you? 🙂 Know someone who could use some affordable organic groceries? Forward them this email so they can jump in on this deal.

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I don’t believe in diets or deprivation, and I think exercise should be pleasurable, not a punishment. In my weight-loss world, you can have your cake and eat it too…and still lose the weight. From desolate, defeated & done to a dedicated life living my destiny helping others feel, look and be the best they can! Hi, Iam Becca, shortly after I awakened, I started BeccaTebonFIT because I realized others felt the same as me and let their adversities and "nouns" (people, places and things) hold them back. Life's immense changes have changed me and my life! My once sickened body is strong and my mind feels sexy. I've committed to helping others with their health, weight loss and feeling better about who they are and decode their gaps so they can see clearly what is missing and how to get it. Iam not done growing— I intentionally evolved and becoming a better person, mom, friend, coach, speaker, God's girl. Every day. I have been in wellness since birth — as a patient. And now, Iam a certified holistic health coach and started my professional fitness career at 19. My expert support includes: Mindset/Self Love, Body, Nutrition, Energy, Green Living and Food/Recipes, that guide you with proven tactics and science-based research to live a lifestyle of health, a life filled with happiness — on purpose and with intention and gratification. Grab a goodie and join the community @ — join a Webinar, fitness or foodie challenge... NOW is YOUR TIME! XOXO

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