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Shed some serious pounds beautiful, in just 30 Days!

In JUST 30 DAYS You’ll Lose 5- 25 lbs!

Get Your Mojo Back & Kick Your Poor Food Relationship to the Curb!

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I am so grateful to Becca Tebon! I've learned a lot about myself and new healthy habits! It's showing in my clothes!! I am changing the habit of hurting myself with negative phrases and now use loving phrases!! Thank you so much!!

Augustine Provancial, Client

Are you struggling with extra weight, extra stress, and keep pushing your health to the back burner? 

That is no way to live, gorgeous!

  • “I can’t get off my emotional-eating roller coaster”
  • “I’m wrecked by symptoms of chronic stress”
  • “I hate my love handle”
  • “I always crave a nap 1-2 hours after lunch”
  • “I can’t shut up the inner voices of shame, guilt and worthlessness
  • “I can’t fall asleep or stay asleep”
  • “I actually have trouble pooping 2-3 times a day”

YOU CAN DO THIS... It's not complicated!

Stop!!! Bad Self Defeating Actions & Thoughts — Shift Your Bad Eating Habits, so you can BECOME your very BEST and LIVE your IDEAL LIFE.


It’s Your Time!

Start using the 100% Money-back, #1 science-based, PROVEN system that'll CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

 Completely Do-able Fusion - mind, body, soul, fitness and nutrition techniques that will, once and for all:

  • Reset your Metabolism - No hunger or deprivation
  • Burn off 5 – 15 pounds fast!
  • Tap into self-control you never knew you had
  • Replace bad choices (habits) with go-to healthy alternatives
  • Ditch Baggage, Self-Sabotage, Guilt, Blame & Shame (Decode & Learn To FLOW)
  • No exhausting, boring, endless, cardio-pounding workouts
  • Step-by-step Mind, Body & Food Guide — And NO scales or calorie counting!

Becca's love of people, honesty, unrelenting energy and desire to support the people she comes into contact with make her an amazing healer of mind and body. I recommend letting Becca touch your life.

Dr Craig Brown, Expansive Medicine

Finally, there’s a 30-Day Way to Weight-loss, Better Health and Squelching “THAT” internal Critic

(Oh yeah, I met her too!)  

Love Up Yourself More Diva! – Guaranteed!

“Becca actually opened my eyes about my own health and my total picture of fitness…..she changed my life.”

Sharon Lechter, Author of Think & Grow Rich for Women

Here’s How In JUST 30 DAYS you’ll have MORE Energy, LOSE Weight, CRUSH Cravings, GAIN an UNSTOPPABLE ATTITUDE and FEEL better about YOURSELF!!

The 30 Day Healthy Habit Reset is delivered to your Inbox every day and Private Community that fully supports and eases you EVERY STEP through the 30 days. You don’t need any special equipment. All you need is to want your health back, be ready for coaching and want to transform!

Included in the 30-Day Healthy Habit Reset:

  • 3 Modules to guide you through the lifestyle shift
  • 30 Day Menu Planner
  • Shopping Lists
  • Checklists
  • Coaching videos for each module— Do it step-by-step with me
  • 17 Minute Workouts
  • Aspirational Training & Meditations
  • Proprietary Flow Decoder System
  • Dozens of Fast, fun recipes
  • Access via Mobile App
  • The Code to Release UNHEALTHY & TOXIC NOUNS (people, places and habits)
  • The Code to Receive HEALTHY NOUNS (people, places and habits)
  • The Code to Eating Healthy
  • The Code to Feeling & Looking Better
  • Coaching Videos in Each Module - Do it Step-by-Step With Me.
  • Easy to Follow Guide Books
  • Videos and Worksheets
  • Private Community Supporting You Every Step of the Way.

30 Day Healthy Habit Reset RRP: $497

Special $297!

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With energy, passion and grace, Becca shares the FUNDAMENTAL STARTING POINT FOR YOUR SUCCESS – Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love mindset exercises.

What if you could…?


sanddoller-checkUnveil and solve hidden or missing gaps in your daily routines



Discover a new, easy-to-implement way to achieve the ideal life you want and see yourself living

sanddoller-checkReset and use each of your natural strengths to build better more efficient habits and healthy lifestyle

You’ll use Becca’s signature “Flow Decoder” to discover the very gaps that show you where you are stuck (Your ACTUAL SELF) and where you want to be (Your IDEAL SELF). Pinpoints the incongruent areas in your life and develop improved behaviors (habits) that correct and close the GAPS that have been causing emotional, physical and relationship challenges. Raises your vibration, optimize health, feel happy and get your mojo singing again sister. With this visual clarity, you’ll be mind-ready to transform and 100% on track to achieve!


You'll Get:

  • Three Spot-on Proprietary Assessments that help you see the exact areas that are keeping you from your goals
  • Two Fast & Easy Empowering self-discovery assignments geared towards your personal emotional transformation and releasing your baggage
  • DAILY, QUICK, MINDFUL EXERCISES to release you from Adversarial Nouns — the people, places and perspectives that hold you captive from reaching success
  • How to establish a daily routine of Gratitude, Intention, Affirmations and Meditation that truly resonate and don’t cause further conflict (GIA)
  • A Guide to"EASY EATING HABITS" for a healthy & even MORE FUN lifestyle – even for the busy executive, traveler and mom on the go!
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Becca, in 2 days you did what doctors could not do in 10 years! I feel like a new person!! I am amazed and I BELIEVE!

Harriet Jodi Levin, Yogista


LET’s DO IT! Time to dive into your relationship with food. Oh Girlfriend… I’ve been there too! Crackin’ open a bag-o-chips only to find — “I ATE THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ THING!” Eating foods that left my belly aching. Starving all day trying to lose weight or because I knew I’d eat bad “food” at a party… You’ll be AMAZED at the array of yummy REAL recipes you get and will WANT to eat in this 10-day module.

You'll Get:

  • Perfect Portions! My technique to eating without measuring food on scales or keeping track of calories
  • Menu Plan Guide - Learn what a WEEKLY, IDEAL MENU PLAN should be & how to customize your own
  • FIT Fresh Fun Fast Food Recipes & Shopping List - More than 40 delicious, nutritious recipes
  • Food Pairing— Maximize Nutritional Intake by cutting out inflammatory foods and foods that compound cravings & binging
  • When to eat – the optimum time to maximize your metabolic clock
  • STOP!! Fearing food & counting calories
  • Food Label Fluency - Reading the food label whatthe FDA labels don't tell you!
  • STOP P’ing! and LEARN CONVENIENCE of the GO-TO System – NO Process, Packaged and Prepared
  • A full health overview focused on the SECRET SIGNIFIERS of HEALTHY EATING: digestion, sleep, and Your Poop (Yup! This is the #1 underlying sign of MANY health conditions!)

Thank you Becca, for your time,ellen-testimonial support, motivation, recipes, workout routines but most importantly your heart for wanting people to succeed in being healthy not only physically but emotionally.

Ellen Strazzeri, Client


With bountiful positive, self-affirming thoughts supercharging your attitude, healthy and nutritious food fueling your body on full-octane, now we turn the focus to loving your diva bod, toning & tightening your temple so you’ll feel even more confident.

You'll Get:

Becca’s W.O.W. [Women-Only-Workouts] … Yes, guys love it too!



Created for women who don't like to go to the gym, haven’t workout out in a while and want to start slowly, TOO BUSY and looking for a fast & fun way to get your body rocking around their schedule!

  • Just 17-Minutes-a-day of Energy-Boosting routines, loved by women who HATE working out!
  • Quick and easy to follow exercises for the Best Butt, Toned Thighs, Flat Belly and Amazingly Sexy Arms.
  • Fitness activities (no pushing weights required) that are fun for YOU! Yesssss— I bet you’ll be addicted!
  • Proper body alignment instruction to prevent injury

You can do anything for just 17 Minutes!…and these workouts are so much fun. You'll see results in 6 days.

SHIFT! Fall in love with your body. Treat it like the temple it is!

Hi! I’m Becca Tebon, - CEO & Founder of Becca Tebon [F.I.T.]: Fearless Integrative Transformations and developer of the FLOW DECODER, 9 Week Fabulously FIT Make-over & this 30 Day Healthy Habit Reset Program.

I wasn't always healthy nor fit. I went from being sickly since birth {asthmatic bronchitis, skeletal and digestion illnesses}, to a super healthy, dedicated diva regaining my health, and soul-centered happy life in my mid-40’s.  After 20+ years of self learning and healing, I took it up a notched and earned my Holistic Health Coach Certification from the world's largest nutrition school and certification program,  Institute for Integrative Nutrition, adding on to my ACE Certified Personal Training and AFPA Group Exercise credentials,  that began in my late teens while attending the University of Florida. I enjoy Fitness Modeling, and write for many Health & Fitness publications, as well as am the Health writer for multiple women's publications.

In 2010, after finding myself in a divorce, losing my dad and getting hit by a car while racing on my bicycle (all in the last 90 days of 2009), I went from feeling desperate, desolate and DONE to living my life ON purpose and IN PURPOSE. I praise God and give him glory for nurturing me to be the best version of WHY I WAS CREATED.

In 2015 I took my message international as a speaker and author. My biggest mission is raising  three teenage girls (Lord have mercy!!!). I have guided hundreds to shed their internal baggage, regain their health, release weight, chronic pain, asthma and poor relationships with food & themselves.  I have crafted my programs to be different than other coaches because I ALIGN YOUR MIND & HEAL YOUR HEALTH,using a fusion formula of mind, food and fitness.

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Over the years women kept coming to me, frustrated, defeated, and feeling strangled by self-loathing. Over and over I would hear Just tell me what to do and please make it simple, I'm tired of failing before I get started.”

Backed with scientific research and first had experience, I formulated a new breakthrough that would provide you with maximum results in minimum time by showing you how to DECODE & DISCOVER the very gaps and face the challenges that hold you captive. With the techniques used in the 30 Day Healthy Habit Reset you will forge ahead with a fierce unstoppable attitude and clear the chaos and clutter from your past and present, so you can enjoy your future!

Doing the same things over and over, from the same mindset will only lead you to the same outcome. The 3-step approach in this program are fail-proof! It's the same system I use for my personal clients who pay thousands. Now, you can have the system that will literally change your life in only 30 days! Activating the actions (aka Habits) in the areas of nutrition, movement and mindset will help you to WIN EVERY GOAL in EVRY AREA of you life— not just losing weight!

I can’t wait for you to take back your life, transform your body, reset your health and most of all, shift to loving thoughts in just 30 days!

Lose 5-25 Pounds in the next 30 days...Guaranteed!

30-Day 100% GUARANTEE!

Take a full month to USE MY FOOL-PROOF PLAN. Decode the areas that have been causing your pain, blame & shame, discover how simple it’s going to be for you to get off your Carb Craze & Sugar Rushing cycles … go through it for an entire 30 days…Test drive everything!

Then take a look at your BEFORE & AFTER PICTURE. Notice how your clothes fit better and how great you look in them! Look in the mirror and smile on the new soul that has blossomed— IT’S YOU and YOU DID IT FOR YOU!

IF you aren’t completely convinced that this program is game-changing for you and getting you in the best shape of your life… simply contact me and my team will shoot back your full refund. Deal?

30 Day Healthy Habit Reset
RRP: $497

Special $297!

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  • excercise-package7 recorded calls culled from the acclaimed “17 Day Lose A Pant or Dress Size Program” to inspire, encourage, and help you crush cravings and rock the Holidays!

  • Becca’s 30 Day Fitness Planner Download (Beginner to Advanced) take to the park, beach or on a trip.

  • 30 Minutes FREE Consult with Becca during your 30 days!

Daily Dose of Healthy!

Join Becca EVERY DAY, Facebook Live  to feel inspired, stay motivated and discover ways to LOOK & FEEL YOUR BEST!

Reset your Mind, Body and Attitude in 30 Days – Guaranteed!

If you want to AVOID the traditions of HOLIDAY BLOAT, if you’re already hearing those nasty voices whispering and filling you with guilt, shame and blame, if you’re ready to change up your mornings so you wake feeling fresh, excited and deeply grateful – Let’s team up now and change things for you together, beautiful one!! I want this for you so badly and it’s right within your reach!

yes reset

Look at all these AMAZING benefits!!!

  • Release emotional weight through transformational activities
  • Change your relationship with self and others
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Change your relationship with your body
  • Finally RELEASE that weight and baggage
  • Cleanse Your Colon — GENTLY! (No discomfort during the day)
  • Rev Your Metabolism — Reset and Super Charge Your Body & Energy
  • Get EXACT Protocols I have shared with hundreds of private clients — Women Like YOU!
  • Shop with EASE! — Shopping List
  • Serve Up AMAZING MEALS — Fresh, Fast & Fun Recipes (Most 2-17 minutes)
  • Make Your Own Detox Waters — Save Money!
  • Learn the #1 Thing that will be a Game Changer and IMPROVE every area of your life!
  • Stay on track you will have access to my private Facebook Group with daily motivational posts, resources and with peer group support.
  • 17 Minute Workouts that you can do from home, your office or hotel room. No weights required!
  • Daily emails to keep you on track and accountable
  • Sign up now for the 30 Day Healthy Habit Reset - delivered straight to your inbox

So IMAGINE: A stronger, sleeker, happier you will be Rocking that Holiday Party Dress - in just 30 days!

• Take advantage TODAY of this 60% off rate • Don’t wait to ADD holiday weight gain when you can AVOID it altogether • Reset NOW and you can Feel Great, Look Great and ENJOY your Holiday Season that much more

30 Day Healthy Habit Reset
RRP: $497

Special $297!

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Do I need special materials or products to do this program? +

Nope! This program will help retrain your brain. Help you shift your stinkin' thinking and show you how to shift your "stuff." The exercises are body weight based, and can be done anytime and anywhere. For the BEST results and to heal your health, you'll want to add the suggested vegan or whey protein and Premium Tea—> two amazing products (more about these on your audio)

How do I sign up to get private coaching with Becca? +

Awesome gorgeous! Becca is super excited to work with you. You can schedule the amount of time you think you'll need (from 30-90 minutes) or grab a FREEBIE! Chat with Coach Becca for 10 minutes and together decide what your next best step is.

What if I miss a few days or a week of the course? +

No worries. L.I.F.E. (Living Intentionally Fearless Everyday) happens. Don’t sweat it and ... DO NOT run away or give up. Jump back in IMMEDIATELY. If you find you aren't keeping up, grab some extra accountability here. 10 minutes (FREEBEE) or it's quite possible you are running because you don't want to deal with the truths that are coming up for you. If that's the case (and it 99.9% is) schedule in a personal, sacred 1-on-1 call IMMEDIATELY. 90 minutes has been a game changer ... are you ready for your game to change?

Will Healthy Habit Reset provide accountability? +

You are in for some GREAT inspiration and accountability! Our Facebook group is active and Becca pops in daily to check on her tribe, share aspiring ideas and answer questions. Be sure to TAG Becca (@BeccaTebon or @BeccaTebonFIT) when you have a question. Also, be sure to "like" and feel free to share ideas, kudos about the 30HHR and join in on her [LIVE] DAILY HEALTHY HABIT HACKS at 2pm (EST). Click here to ask to be added to the 30 Day Health Habit Reset Facebook Group.

Can I repeat the program for an extra 30 days? +

Yes! In fact, many people want more because they love the accountability during their weight loss. While you won’t need to redo the initial steps shared in Module 1 (Forgiveness) or get the Food Guide in Module 2, it is so important to have accountability. I NEVER make a move without having a coach or mentor hold me accountable. Becca has a few different plans, pick the one that's right for you.

  1. DAILY JOURNALING ACCOUNTABILITY:  This allows you to share your Mood, Food, GIA, Water & Poop with Becca DAILY via her mobile app. You will get suggestions  or a "GOOD JOB." $19.97/mo
  2. Need more? Email Becca every your weekly goals on Mondays and your results on Friday's. You will receive a personal email back showing you how to activate goals you aren't hitting or a "Great Job" as she celebrates YOUR WIN! $49
  3. Need even more? Get a WEEKLY 17 minute GOAL GETTER CALL on Monday's and email your achievements every Friday. Your call will provide meditation, breath work, areas that are keeping you stuck. $97/mo
What is the cancellation/refund policy? +

Absolutely, 100%, No questions asked. All you need to know is you’ve given it your all. Followed the directions, did all of the exercises and changed you habits and STILL didn't release any weight. We offer a 100% Money-back Policy within 31 days from the date you purchased the 30 Day Health Habit Reset Program. Email our team at

Is Healthy Habit Reset available to participants in any country? +

It is!! We are excited to help the world Look, Feel and BE healthier & happier. If you are interested in having it translated, please shoot our team an email.

Is there a Healthy Habit Reset available for corporate wellness? +

Absolutely! Statistics show, a team is stronger when individuals are stronger, feel better about themselves and have better attendance. Watch the productivity rise and the environment and overall culture become happier as your team (from the top down) improves health and personal satisfaction. Becca will create an exclusive Wellness Program that offers workshops, calls, internal contests & competitions, even retreats offering the fusion of the principles crafted for your unique needs. Please schedule a call with Becca to discuss your goals today.

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee! Secure payments. Copyright © Becca Tebon 2016

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