DISCOVER YOUR FITprint™ — Your Lifestyle Mastery Blueprint To The Life You Dream About

FINALLY—a way to measure your WHERE YOU ARE— Get a glimpse into YOUR 5 Key Areas: Life, Health, Relationship, Soul & Creativity. The Flow Decoder™ Quiz can instantly bring the  LARITY you need to create and manifest the life of your dreams and achieve your biggest goals.



THE FLOW DECODER™ quiz detects the incongruent results and decodes emotional, physiological, behavioral & physical transformative activities that are able to close the GAP on your ACTUAL SELF, where you are and your IDEAL SELF, where you want to be right now.  Together with highly skilled coaching,  we close the GAPS, you will realize instantaneous  self empowerment, a rise in your vibration, the want to optimize health, happiness and manifestations so you can reach your peak potential. Sound too good to be true? Take the 3-minute quiz now!

Magnify your mojo, build a strong & healthy body and succeed at life BY UNDERSTANDING the areas that are being held low and supporting them with specific strategies using Becca’s 3-prong method to shifting gears into a healthier & happier lifestyle!

1. Started by COMPLETELY filling out the form below with your BEST email so we can send your complementary strategy session.
2. Without over thinking, look at each TOPIC (i.e.: Healthy Eating) on the Flow Decoder and rate where you are NOW versus where you feel you would like to be. You will rate yourself using the scale 1-10, with “1” indicating “extremely way off where you want to be” to “10” indicating you are “exactly where you want to be.” In this example of “Healthy Eating”— if you wish you were eating better, use the scale to score or rate where you are now, note “doing just Okay” would be a 5.
3. Completely fill out your ratings for each topic shown— Don’t leave anything blank.
4. Click “submit” when finished.
5. You will receive an email from our team setting up a complementary strategy session to see if coaching with Becca will be a good F.I.T. for you to activate & ACHIEVE your short & long term lifestyle goals!