Detox 2 Destiny Retreat



Beech Mountain, North Carolina

 Your Body, Brain & Soul 

SAVE MONEY… Price goes up 9/10!

An exclusive retreat for women (25+) who want to get away from the chatter of business, family and social media and want to dive deep into self love, worth, value and purpose… while detoxing your guts and releasing 5-12+ pounds caused by a back-up of caked on waste, mucus and water.
Nurturing you for 11 days (4 before the retreat & 4 after), as your body releases toxins and wastes that cause brain fog, pain, fatigue, bloated belly, insomnia amongst other symptoms by eliminating S.A.D. diet & replacing it with specific nourishing juices from ORGANIC, cold-pressed vegetables & fruits, plus herbal supplements to reduce and eliminate mucous, parasites and heavy metals. EmpowHER yourself with more discipline in a group setting (accountability) and feel even better about yourself!!

Release 5-10 pounds!!




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International Speaker & Founder of Latina Mastermind

Dr Isaura D González, Psy. D.

Founder of the global “Latina Mastermind,” will share her international workshop on “Personality Programming— GET UNSTUCK!” 
* NOTE: I took this course. It was an EYE-OPENER and helped me better understand my style, needs and personality.
• You will discover information about yourself that you can use in both your personal and professional life.

“Feng Shui Your Life with  5 Element Personal Discovery”

Lois Kramer-Perez

Feng shui & meditation guru will share her daily meditation practice & how to meditate, along with “Discover Your True Nature: 5 Element Personal Discovery” — This was an EYE-OPENER for me. Feng Shui teaches us how best to communicate by understanding not only our inherent style but how to recognize that in others.
In this workshop you will…
      • Learn how to understand & communicate with anyone on their terms just looking at their face! 
      • Learn the 5 element principles for the person, you will never look at faces the same again 
      • Discover your unique and personal 5 elements

Life Transformation Strategist, founder of the Body Energy Expansion Map™ (BEEM™ System)

Megha Bradley

Life Transformation Strategist, founder of the Body Energy Expansion Map™ (BEEM™ System), will guide you to discover your unique, God-given gifts, lessons, life story and illuminate your personal Goddess Navigation Pathway by “design” using a combination of scientific processes, intuition and healing modalities.
In this workshop you will…
       • Discover how your Energy Mapping Ennegram (Blueprint) can raise your vibration and decision-making ability
       • Experience how to build a more intimate relationship with your intuition
       • Identify your primary way of giving and receiving love through scientific analysis


Holistic Health, Fitness & Life Coach l Speaker l Author

Becca Tebon

Holistic Health, Fitness, Food & Life Coach/Speaker/Author — founder of the LIFE FLOW DECODING System, will provide your unique code, gaps and life vibration with FITprint™ and then learn the steps that will lead you to ACTIVATION & AWARDS by shifting your SHITTY habits (excuse me, just calling them what I call mine).
In this workshop you will…
      • Learn how to shift using a 3-Step Method
• Discover how to activate your metabolism to lose weight
• Learn key principles that all healthy people use
• Create your unique FITprint – A map to creating a healthier & happier life through Awareness, Activation &                                            Awards
                                               • Create an Envision Book™ & Mindful Map™—  manifesting tools that create your best, healthiest & happiest life— with purpose, on purpose!
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• Breath-taking views
• Hikes (optional)
• Fireside chats
• Facials & mud masks
• More Fun, artsy projects


You will receive special herbs to help get your body ready for the 3 day juicing as well as protocols and 1-1 coaching with Becca. The protocols outline exactly what to eat to make this easy, and successful and exciting experience.



You will be provided with a special guide post detox.
GET RID OF SUGAR & CARB CRAVINGS, drop pounds and find it easier to make healthier choices!! Guaranteed!!


• Private home with scenic views
• 11 Day Coaching Program & Retreat
• 3 Days at exclusive sanctuary perched in beautiful Beech Mountain, NC
• Round trip transportation from/to Charlotte-Douglass Airport during scheduled shuttles (Friday 11am & Sunday 3p)
• Coaching — Group & Individual (20 minute call prior to retreat)
• 60+ page manual (guide and recipes)
• Compete Detox with juices to help your body detox (18 bottles)
• Herbs to release parasites & colon mucus build up
• Yoga, morning meditation & stretch
• Hikes (optional)Releasing ceremony
• Girlfriends for life on a journey to more love, more life, more laughter!
• SWAG (of course!!)
4 Workshops:
Feng Shui Your Life, The Art Of Creating Your Life By Design & On Purpose, Decoding Your Personality Type (Better Relationships, Empowering Self Worth, Cleansing & Clearing)
• Body Energy Expansion Map™ (BEEM™ System)
•  “Personality Programming— GET UNSTUCK!”
• FITprint — Decode & discover the GAPS and how to shift and manifest

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW, price goes up Sept 1!

Retreat registration closes Sept. 20th so that we can help all of the attendees prep and ship out herbs & prep packets.
(click here to reserve your spot)


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Round trip transportation from Charlotte-Douglas Airport provided. We will leave at 11AM on Friday morning and head to the Beech Sanctuary. Departing 2pm on Sunday. Drive is between 2.5-3 hours. Please plan your travel arrangements accordingly, leaving yourself 2 hours to depart, no earlier than 7pm on Sunday.

What can I bring into the event?

A complete packing list will be sent to all attendees. It is extremely casual. Think yoga retreat. It does get cool in the evenings.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Of course. We are available by email: A team member will respond within 1 business day either by email or phone. Be sure to include all of your contact (preferred contact) information)

What’s the refund policy?

Transfer to another retreat up til 2 weeks in advance. All supplies are bought in shipped at that point. A refund minus ($399) will be made if done in less than 2 weeks.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Absolutely! We only ask that if is a Girlfriend retreat your transfer is to a female 18+.

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About the Author : Becca Tebon

I don’t believe in diets or deprivation, and I think exercise should be pleasurable, not a punishment. In my weight-loss world, you can have your cake and eat it too…and still lose the weight. From desolate, defeated & done to a dedicated life living my destiny helping others feel, look and be the best they can! Hi, Iam Becca, shortly after I awakened, I started BeccaTebonFIT because I realized others felt the same as me and let their adversities and "nouns" (people, places and things) hold them back. Life's immense changes have changed me and my life! My once sickened body is strong and my mind feels sexy. I've committed to helping others with their health, weight loss and feeling better about who they are and decode their gaps so they can see clearly what is missing and how to get it. Iam not done growing— I intentionally evolved and becoming a better person, mom, friend, coach, speaker, God's girl. Every day. I have been in wellness since birth — as a patient. And now, Iam a certified holistic health coach and started my professional fitness career at 19. My expert support includes: Mindset/Self Love, Body, Nutrition, Energy, Green Living and Food/Recipes, that guide you with proven tactics and science-based research to live a lifestyle of health, a life filled with happiness — on purpose and with intention and gratification. Grab a goodie and join the community @ — join a Webinar, fitness or foodie challenge... NOW is YOUR TIME! XOXO

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