Detox 2 Destiny: Announces Megha Bradley as BEEM™ Workshop Leader

CALLING ALL GODDESSES— IT’S TIME TO SHINE EVEN HIGHER at the annual Detox 2 Destiny Retreat! D2D is excited to share my dear friend and extraordinary healer, Megha Bradley, Life Transformation Strategist, founder of the Body Energy Expansion Map™ (BEEM™ System), You will discover your unique, God-given gifts, lessons, life story and illuminate your personal Goddess Navigation Pathway by “design” using a combination of scientific processes, intuition and healing modalities.

Your are a powerful storehouse of gifts, inspiration and the collective wisdom from your journey.

In her workshop, Megha will provide a printout of  YOUR PERSONAL BEEM™ — and share with you, your unique Goddess Navigation Pathway, based on proven research. Learn how to navigate life with more happiness, confidence and clarity.

In the workshop you will…

  • Discover how your Energy Mapping Ennegram (Blueprint) can raise your vibration and decision-making ability
  • Experience how to build a more intimate relationship with your intuition
  • Identify your primary way of giving and receiving love through scientific analysis
Best Friend Sisterhood pricing is available through August 15th.
YUP— 2-for-1
8 spots left!!
••••••••••• MORE DETAILS here••••••••••••••
Here’s some deets of what’s in store for you when you attend:
• 5,000 Sq ft private home with 3 levels and scenic mountains 
       • Gourmet Kitchen • 6 Full bathrooms. •. Sleeps up to 20
• 11 Day Coaching Program & Retreat
• 3 Days at exclusive sanctuary perched in beautiful Beech Mountain, NC
• Round trip transportation from/to Charlotte-Douglass Airport during scheduled shuttles (Friday 11am & Sunday 3p)
• Coaching — Group & Individual (20 minute call prior to retreat)
• 60+ page manual (guide and recipes)
• Compete Detox with juices to help your body detox (18 bottles)
• Herbs to release parasites & colon mucus build up
• Workshops: Feng Shui Your Life, The Art Of Creating Your Life By • •Design & On Purpose, Decoding Your Personality Type
(Better Relationships, Empowering Self Worth, Cleansing & Clearing)
• Yoga, Morning meditation & Stretch
• Hikes (optional)
• Releasing ceremony
• Girlfriends for life on a journey to more love, more life, more laughter!
• AWESOME SWAG (of course!!)
Sounds awesome! I’d like more info on the full retreat
>>>>>>> Click here>>>>>>> “DETOX 2 DESTINY”
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