30 Day Healthy Habit Reset—Workout #1

Workout #1: Dynamic Stretch with Plyo Workout

30 Day Healthy Habit Reset— Workout #1 Dynamic Stretch with Plyo Workout

Watch the 30 Day Healthy Habit Reset #1 on Youtube!


1. Total Body Extensions – Start by reaching for your toes, legs are straight. Next, drop your bootie, and then reach up. Repeat. For more challenge jump from the squat to the full body extension!

2. Switch Lunges – Start in standing position, step back with left foot until right leg is parallel to floor. For more challenge alternate legs mid air instead of coming to a standing position, stay low.

3. Spiderman Plank or Pushups – Keep abs engaged, position shoulders over hands; right toe reaches to the right side & alternate left side. Add the challenge: Right knee to right side alternate Left side AND integrate the push-up rather than plank. Do as quickly as possible.

4. Prisoner Squat – Hands behind your head, prisoner style. Drop your bootie into a squat, protecting your knees (like you’re going to sit in a chair) bootie Way back as low to the floor as possible. Repeat.

BONUS: CORE! Roman Twist: Sit on the floor with knees bent and knees & feet together squeezing, lifted a few inches off the floor. With the back at a 45-degree angle from the ground, move the arms from one side to another in a twisting motion. Here, slow and steady wins the race: The slower the twist, the deeper the burn.

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Watch the 30 Day Healthy Habit Reset #1 on Youtube!

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